EGO 56V Wet Dry Vac (WDV0904)

ego 56v wet dry vac

No doubt, EGO has become a leader in the rapidly expanding world of cordless outdoor power equipment. But this doesn’t just include mowers, blowers, trimmers, and saws. There’s also the trusted wet dry vac, and EGO has added one to its line of 56V gear.

Here’s a look at what the WDV0904 has and what it can do. And, after the tour, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if this tool has what it takes.

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EGO 56V Wet Dry Vac Performance

Par for the course with EGO equipment, the WDV0904 runs on a brushless motor. Fueling this model is a 56V (5.0Ah) lithium-ion battery. Together, they produce 110 CFM of suction and 100 inches of water lift. Particularly for a cordless model, these numbers are in the ballpark for a reliable shop vacuum.

And, as the name implies, the EGO 56V wet dry vac can handle it all. We’re talking liquids (e.g., flooded basements, or, God forbid, a backed-up bathroom, etc.), as well as solids (e.g., shop floor messes, leaf-filled cellar ways, and the list goes on).

In total, it gives you a 9-gallon tank capacity.

ego WDV0904 cordless vac


  • Model: EGO WDV0904
  • Brushless motor
  • 9-gallon capacity
  • 110 CFM, 100-in lift
  • Filter cleaning function
  • Remote power control
  • Up to 60 minutes of runtime

In terms of operation, the EGO 56V wet dry vac has three power modes. Depending on which combination of power settings you choose, the runtimes are consistent with the quality you’d expect from an EGO battery. So, you should get about 60 minutes on Eco mode, 30 minutes on High, and 20 minutes on Turbo. (These durations are rather impressive, especially if you already have a few 56V batteries on deck.)

You can also control the power mode onboard or with the remote buttons on the hose end.

Something else that caught our eye is the WDV0904’s self-cleaning filter function, which makes it easier to keep this tool operating at peak efficiency for longer.

EGO 56V Wet Dry Vac Design

ego 56v wet dry shop vac attachments

First, EGO has included several nozzles and hoses, making this 56V model a capable tool for a variety of wet dry vac tasks. Moreover, onboard storage slots enable you to keep all of your accessories at hand while you’re working.

Additionally, the WDV0904 features back wheels and locking front castors to enhance the vacuum’s portability. And, on that note, a top-mounted carrying handle lets you lift it for storage or transport.


  • Solid power 110 CFM
  • Filter cleaning function prolongs filter life & peak efficiency
  • Assortment of attachments with onboard storage
  • Remote power control
  • Multiple power settings for up to 60 mins of runtime


  • No significant cons to note

EGO 56V Wet Dry Vac Price

The WDV0904 sells as a bare tool for $299, while the kit with a 5.0Ah battery and charger retails for $499.

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