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Husqvarna 25th Anniversary Automower Giveaway | Contest Alert

Husqvarna Celebrates 25 Years in Robotic Lawn Mower Market with Giveaway

In honor of 25 years working in the robotic lawn mower industry, Husqvarna has created the 315X Gold Edition Automower. And what’s more, the company plans on spreading that good cheer by giving away 25 of the new edition Automowers.


25 Years of Automower Automation

When the Husqvarna Automower hit the market in 1995, it made headlines as the first fully automatic lawnmower. Twenty-five years later, Husqvarna is still making headlines for innovations in the robotic mower industry. From All Wheel Drive auto mowers to commercial models designed to handle multiple accounts, Husqvarna mowers can tackle all grass types and workloads.

The Automower 315X is designed to tackle small- to medium-sized lawns up to 0.4 acres. It features smart technology and an intuitive interface to help it get around obstacles, in tight spaces, and over slopes. It can operate in the rain, and it features GPS navigation.

What does all this add up to for you? About an hour a week that you can dedicate to something other than chores around the house.

How Do I Enter to Win?

The Husqvarna Gold Edition 315X Automower Giveaway is free to enter and open to anyone who wouldn’t mind saving themselves that hour every week.

You have two options for entering the contest. You can record a video explaining what you would do with all your extra time should you win one of the Automowers. Or, you can choose to nominate someone who you feel deserves to add an extra hour to their week. Post your video on social media and tag @HusqvarnaUSA and #HusqvarnaAutomowerUS to enter.

Or, you can upload a short submission — 1,000 characters or less — and an image describing what you would do with an extra hour every week with the help of an Automower. Again, you can also choose someone in your life who would benefit from this gift. To go about entering this way, visit Husqvarna at the 25th Year Anniversary Special Edition Automower Giveaway page.


This contest will run until June 8th, 2020. For more information about the official rules of the Husqvarna Automower Giveaway, click here .

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