Hustler Releases Zero Turn Mower Lineup for 2021

Hustler Updates Commercial Lineup, Redesigns Residential Series Mowers

Hustler Turf Equipment has introduced its zero-turn mower lineup for 2021. The new lineup features updates to the FasTrak, Super S, and X-One commercial mowers, as well as a totally redesigned Raptor Series. Plus, the Hustler 2021 zero turn residential mowers now include the new Dash XD, as well as the new VX Deck that delivers a superior finish to your lawns.

Hustler on the 2021 Zero Turn Mower Lineup

The industry is seeing a larger push for productivity on the commercial front and we know spending less time mowing is also critical for homeowners. The 2021 lineup addresses the needs of both residential and commercial users who want to get more done in the day.

Adam Mullet, vice president, sales and new products for Hustler Turf

Residential Hustler 2021 Zero Turn Mowers

Raptor Series

Hustler has redesigned the Raptor Series mowers from the ground up for this year. The residential line now packs better performance and more features into the new and improved Raptors to deliver a smooth ride and clean finish.

Since the Hustler Raptors already had great motors and solid transmissions, the brand set out to ramp up the durability of the construction and the comfortability of the mowing experience. Hustler also set out to increase the feature set on these premium residential models.

Now, the Raptor X, XL, XD, and XDX include 1.5″ x 3″ one-piece tubular frames and a new deck lift system with four-point leveling. BigBite rear tires provide superior traction. You can remove the floor pan easily for maintenance, while the mowers all feature vented pulley covers.

The Raptor X zero turn mowers feature a 4.5″ deep deck, Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 transmissions, and 18-inch BigBite rear tires. They come in 42″ and 54″ cutting decks, offering the choice between the 18 horsepower Kawasaki FR600 engine and the 21.5 horsepower FR651 engine, respectively. Both move at a top speed of 7 mph.

The Hustler Raptor XL also comes with 42″ and 54″ cutting deck options. Here, the 42″ deck comes with a Kawasaki FR651 engine, while the 54″ features a Kawasaki FR691 engine with 23 horsepower. This mower has been updated with standard flex forks and a high-back premium bolstered seat for operator comfort.

The Raptor XD, which comes in 42″, 48″, 54″, and 60″ decks, can move at a top speed of 7.5 mph. It also includes the upgraded high-back seat, as well as 20″ rear Bigbite tires and Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transmissions.

Finally, the Raptor XDX joins the Hustler 2021 zero turn mower lineup as the top of the Raptor residential series. This model features Kawasaki FR engines with up to 24 hp, as well as Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transmissions and 22″ rear BigBite tires. It also comes with a 48″, 54″, or 60″ cutting deck option, all of which feature 5″ depths. It even features cast steel deck hangers for the optional powered catcher as well as removable pulley covers for easy maintenance.

All of the mowers in the Hustler 2021 Raptor Zero Turn lineup come with a 3-year, 300-hour warranty.

Raptor XRaptor XLRaptor XDRaptor XDX
Engine Options18 hp, 21.5 hp Kawasaki engines21.5 hp, 23 hp Kawasaki engines21.5 hp, 23 hp, 24 hp Kawasaki enigines21.5 hp, 23 hp, & 24 hp Kawasaki engines
Cutting Deck Options42″ & 54″ decks42″ & 54″ decks42″, 48″, 54″, & 60″ decks48″, 54″, & 60″ decks
Top Speed7 mph7 mph7.5 mph8 mph
Starts At$3,099$3,499$4,099$5,199

Dash XD

The Dash residential mower line is Hustler’s most compact, designed primarily for smaller properties. And, for 2021, Hustler has added a new model, the Dash XD.

The Hustler Dash XD comes in three deck sizes: 34″, 42″, and 48″. You also have some options with horsepower as Hustler offers both 15 and 18 hp Kawasaki V-Twin engines. The Dash XD also features Hydro-Gear ZT-1800 transmissions. 18″ BigBite rear wheels offer traction and great weight distribution.

DashDash XD
Engine Options10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine15 hp, 18 hp Kawasaki engines
Cutting Deck Options34″ & 42″ decks34″, 42″, & 48″ decks
Top Speed5 mph6 mph
Starts At$2,299$2,599

Commercial 2021 Hustler Zero Turn Mowers

FasTrak Line

For 2021, Hustler has redesigned the FasTrak zero turn mower line for commercial use. These mowers cover lots of ground quickly, coming equipped with either Kawasaki FT Commercial V-Twin engines or Kohler 7500 EFI engines.

The Kawasaki engines include a vortical air filtration system and range from 22 hp to 27 hp across the 48″, 54″, and 60″ cutting deck models.

The Kohler engines are available on the 54″ and 60″ cutting deck options and provide 27 hp.

Any of the updated 2021 Hustler FasTrak Zero Turn Mowers will feature Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 transmissions and 23″ BigBite rear tires. A high-back seat with suspension shields you from bumps while and EVC cushion takes pressure off your lower back.

What’s more, in addition to beefing up the FasTrak mower build, Hustler beefed up the warranty as well. The FasTrak comes with a four-year, 750-hour warranty.

FasTrakFasTrak SDX
Engine Options22hp – 27hp Kawasaki & Kohler engines22hp, 23.5hp Kawasaki engines
Cutting Deck Options48″, 54″, & 60″ decks48″, 54″, & 60″ decks
Top Speed8 mph9 mph
Starts AtSee Hustler DealerSee Hustler Dealer

Super S

The 2021 Hustler zero turn lineup also includes the upgraded Super S stand-on mower. It now features a Kawasaki FX850 EFI engine option and upgraded controls and user features. Yet it still remains compact enough to go where other machines can’t.

The Super S features the VX Deck, a fabricated 7 ga. steel deck engineered for extreme suction for better performance and cut quality.

The 2021 Hustler Super S Zero Turn Mower also features an ergonomically-designed control tower. The streamlined and comfortable controls cause less fatigue, while the adjustable spring-loaded suspension foot platform provides all-day comfort as well. A new push-button deck lift makes cut height adjustments fast and simple, while the 24″ drive tires offer plenty of traction and weight distribution.

Engine OptionsCutting Deck OptionsTop SpeedWarrantyPrice
Super S15 hp – 29.5 hp Kawasaki engines36″, 48″, 52″, 60″ decksUp to 9 mph5-year/500-hourSee Hustler Dealer


The 2021 Hustler X-One Zero Turn Mower sees three major upgrades to provide the commercial landscaper with all-day performance.

The first one revolves around power. The lineup now offers a few engine options to boost your horsepower. With the 52″ cutting deck, Hustler offers either the Kawasaki FX850 (27 hp) or the Kohler Command Pro (25 hp). This selection gives you the choice between carbureted or fuel injected engines. The 54″ deck features the Kawasaki FX730 with 23.5 hp.

The X-One line also offers a selection of side or rear-discharge cutting decks.

Finally, Hustler has also upgraded the torque with Parker unitized 12cc/rev pumps.

In addition to these upgrades, you’ll also enjoy the new-for-2021 VX Deck that provides increased suction to provide a clean cut and superior finish.

The X-One also includes a I3M suspension seat with adjustable armrests and seat back.

X-One 52″ DeckX-One 54″ Deck
EngineKawasaki FX850, Kohler Command ProKawasakiFX7530
Horsepower27 hp, 25 hp23.5 hp
TransmissionParker unitized 12cc/rev pump w/ 15.9ci/rev wheel motorsParker unitized 12cc/rev pump w/ 15.9ci/rev wheel motors
Fuel Capacity11.7 gal.11.7 gal.
Ground Speed (Fwd)Up to 10.5 mphUp to 10.5 mph
Cutting Width52″54″ Rear Discharge
Cutting Height1″ to 5.5″1″ to 5.5″
Front Tire13 x 6.5-613 x 6.5-6
Drive Tire24 x 9.5-1224 x 9.5-12
Warranty5 years/500 hours or 2 year (no hour limit)5 years/500 hours or 2 year (no hour limit)
PriceSee Hustler DealerSee Hustler Dealer

To learn more about Hustler Turf and its products, or to locate your local Hustler dealer, visit .

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Colleen Whitlow

My 2021 Hustler X-ONE 60″ goes a whole lot faster than 10.5 mph- the dealer said it goes 18 or 19 mph but I’ve had it over 15 mph at 3/4 throttle. I’m afraid to wind it out lol It also has 29 HP and overall it’s better suited to a homeowner with some acreage – we had a Raptor SD 60″ which was an excellent mower for the past 3 years, but this X-ONE has some features that make it more practical- I can hook my sprayer motor up much easier with the engine design and placement versus the… Read more »

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