June 16, 2021

JLG 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom Lift

JLG Self-Leveling Boom Lift Will Change the Way We Work At Height

Some boom lift applications can be challenging, particularly because the vast majority of current lifts have been designed to work on firm, flat surfaces. JLG noted that most customers will struggle with these lifts since the world isn’t flat and we can’t always work on smooth surfaces. So, the JLG design team created the 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom Lift. The 670SJ has increased lift capacity on slopes 0º to 10º in any direction with the boom elevated, while also able to traverse uneven surfaces while keeping the chassis level.

Keep It Level

The JLG 670SJ is the first self-leveling boom lift for the company. Already a hit in the industry, JLG will phase this technology into production across a wide range of models. They anticipate it evolving to meet international compliance standards in the future. But, for the time being, this feature is the main attraction of the 670SJ.

The JLG Self-Leveling Boom Lift lets the operator cover uneven ground with full functionality while driving at height. It reduces or eliminates the manual labor needed to set up cribbing or grade the work area. This also means that the 670SJ reduces the need for earthmoving equipment for grading and leveling.

Because the JLG 670SJ self-levels, you won’t often need to reposition to a level work area. With the 67′ platform height, you’ll be able to get closer to your work. And, because the chassis stays level up to 10º, you’ll experience less platform movement when travel, resulting in greater operator comfort and less risk of objects falling from the platform.

The JLG Self-Leveling Boom Lift has a 550-lb. unrestricted capacity and a 750-lb. restricted capacity. It offers 45% gradeability, a 57-ft horizontal reach, and elevates to height or back to ground level from height in just 101 seconds. It automatically levels on grades up to 10º when in self-leveling mode.

Speaking of modes, the JLG 670SJ also has a standard mode that lets you drive at faster speeds while you have the boom down. Shipping Mode lowers the suspension during transport.

JLG on the Self-Leveling Boom Lift

We believe the 670SJ self-leveling boom is a step change for the industry; a technology that will transform the way people work at height, while offering significant productivity and safety benefits. When John L. Grove started the Access industry in 1969, he was driven to develop a safer way to work at height. This new self-leveling boom lift is evidence that this core value is still alive and continues to fuel JLG’s passion to move the Access industry forward.

Milan Klimes, senior chief engineer for JLG

For more information about the JLG Self-Leveling Boom Lift, check out JLG.com by clicking here .

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