John Deere Residential Zero-Turn Mowers Compared

John Deere Residential Zero-Turn Mowers Compared

John Deere Zero-Turn Models Aplenty in the Budget Z300 Series to the Flagship Z700

When it comes to John Deere residential zero-turn mowers, the variety is expansive. They come in numerous models that span from entry-level up through large property management. Indeed, John Deere offers one of the market’s widest selections in residential zero-turn lawnmowers.

Let’s take a look and compare three primary lines, so you can make the right decision on the model that best fits your needs and preferences.

Editor’s Note: Are you in search of a mower for more involved tasks like hauling debris or using PTO accessories? Check out our John Deere lawn tractors article.

John Deere Z300 Series Residential Zero-Turn Mowers

If you’re a homeowner with up to 4 acres, the John Deere Z300 Series provides comfortable options with 42–54-inch forged Accel Deep decks.

John Deere Z300 Series ZT Mowers

And you have between 20 to 24 horsepower in these mowers; enough to tackle a host of tasks. Aside from the Z370R electric zero-turn mower, these are gas-fueled models featuring foot-operated deck lifts.

The decks range in size from 42 to 54 inches in width and consist of forged 10-gauge steel fabrication. The high-back seats come in either 18 or 20 inches. Furthermore, all models offer optional armrests, with the “R” models coming standard.

Most Ztrak mowers in the Z300 series also have a rear hitch standard, save for the more entry-level Z315E and Z325E mowers.

Available Models

  • Z315E
  • Z320R
  • Z320M
  • Z325E (48-inch and 54-inch)
  • Z330R (48-inch and 54-inch)
  • Z330M (48-inch and 54-inch)
  • Z370R Electric

Comparing John Deere Z300 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

A side-by-side comparison of Z300 ZTrak zero-turns will help provide a clearer sense of the distinguishing factors that may influence your choice of model. The table below hits the main points.

And remember, depending on what you need, these residential ZT mowers from John Deere give you multiple entry-level choices. What’s more, all Z300 Series ZTrak mowers feature the option of a bagger or MulchControl kit.

ModelEngineDeck SizesSeat/ArmrestsStarting MSRP
Z315E20 hp V-Twin42 in.18 in./Optional$3,199
Z320R21.5 hp V-Twin42 in.20 in./Yes$3,699
Z320M21.5 hp V-Twin42 in.20 in./Optional$3,499
Z325E24 hp V-Twin48–54 in.18 in./Optional$3,499
Z330R23 hp V-Twin48–54 in.20 in./Yes$3,999
Z330M23 hp V-Twin48–54 in.20 in./Optional$3,799
Z370R3.2 kWh Electric42 in.20 in./Yes$6,399

John Deere Z300 Pricing

The John Deere Z300 Series residential zero-turn mowers fall within a price range of $3,199 to $6,399 for the electric model. They’re available at Lowe’s, John Deere dealers, or through The Z300 Series zero-turn mowers carry a 3-year/200-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

John Deere Z500 Residential Zero-Turn Mowers

For additional power, comfort, and features, there’s the John Deere Z500 Series ZTrack TZ mowers. These include more engine options and a notch up in deck size, stretching to 60 inches for larger properties. Extras in many models are standard in the Z500 Series–for instance, armrests and sundry premium features in places like the control levers.

Again, Deere designed these models with two types of applications in mind: Large-property management and heavier-duty work.

John Deere Z500 Series ZT Mowers

V-Twin ELS engines yield to EFI and ETC models on the higher-end. At that point, you see larger 22.5-inch ComfortGlide seats.

These mowers can get work done more quickly, capable of speeds up to 9 mph versus the 7 mph found in the Z500 Series.

The Z500 Series mowers include a single 4.5-gallon fuel tank along with an LCD fuel gauge that comes standard on the Z515E and Z530M models. On the Z530R and Z545R models, you have an Advanced LCD.

If you still want more, you can add an optional 7 cubic-foot poly cart to transport leaves, firewood, and other materials.

Available Models

  • Z515E (48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch)
  • Z530M (48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch)
  • Z530R (54-inch and 60-inch)
  • Z545R (48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch)

Comparing the John Deere Z500 Series Models

While the John Deere Z500 Series residential zero-turn mowers offer fewer model options, they give you more deck sizes to choose from. With pricing below their flagship Z700 Series, you can get some premium features for less. The Z500 Series mowers specialize in hitting that 5-or-more-acre size that appeals to lots of landowners.

With V-Twin and EFI options, you can also pick up a mower that has the technology and power you need to conquer a day’s work.

ModelEngineDeck SizesSeatStarting MSRP
Z515E24 hp V-Twin ELS48–60 in.18 in. Cut & Sewn$4,899
Z530M24 hp V-Twin48–60 in.20 in. Cut & Sewn$5,599
Z530R24 hp V-Twin54–60 in.22.5 in. Cut & Sewn$6,499
Z545R25 hp EFI48–60 in.22.5 in. ComfortGlide$6,799

Z500 Series Residential ZT Mowers Pricing

The Z500 Series ZT mowers range in starting price from $4,899 to $6,799. They include a 4-year/500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty .

You can get them at Lowe’s, any local John Deere dealer, or through

John Deere Z700 Series ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers

Last and certainly not least, the Z700 Series residential mowers cap off the John Deere zero-turns. These mowers give residential consumers the very best John Deere offers.

Ideal for large-property owners, the Z700 Series mowers cut at up to 10 mph with decks as wide as 60 inches.

John Deere Z700 Series ZT Mowers

Nearly every model in the lineup lets you choose from either a 48-, 54-, or 60-inch mowing deck. The high-capacity pro mower decks consist of 9-gauge steel, as well as welded deck reinforcements in the critical contact areas. And Deere gives you a three-position foot platform with tool-free adjustments.

The Z730M, Z735M, Z740R, and Z760R models include the premium ComfortGlide seat suspension system.

Available Models

  • Z720E (48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch)
  • Z735E (60-inch)
  • Z730M (54-inch and 60-inch)
  • Z735M (48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch)
  • Z740R (48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch)
  • Z760R (54-inch and 60-inch)

John Deere Z700 Series Residential ZT Mowers Compared

The Z700 ZTrack mowers have a number of features, and it would appear that there isn’t much that Deere’s designers didn’t think of. From the adjustable air-cushion seat dials to the customizable control levers, everything about the Z700 zero-turns is designed to make the process of mowing more comfortable.

ModelEngineDeck SizesSeat/SuspensionStarting MSRP
Z720E23 hp V-Twin FR48-60 in.Adjustable springs$8,079
Z735E25 hp V-Twin60 in.Adjustable springs$8,919
Z730M24 hp V-Twin FR54-60 in.ComfortGlide$9,729
Z735M25 hp V-Twin48-60 in.ComfortGlide$9,209
Z740R23.5 hp V-Twin FX48-60 in.ComfortGlide$10,719
Z760R27 hp V-Twin FX54-60 in.ComfortGlide$11,479

Z700 Series Residential Zero-Turn Mowers Pricing

Pricing on John Deere Z700 residential zero-turn lawn mowers runs from $8,079 to over $11,479. These mowers come with a 4-year/1000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. You’ll find them at any John Deere dealer or at

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