Kubota Unveils 2022 Line of Mowers

Kubota Hydro Walk Behind and Zero Turn Mower Lines Debuted at GIE

The GIE Expo in Louisville, KY is one of the OPE industry’s premier events for unveiling the next year’s product lines. In keeping with what is now tradition, Kubota has debuted the next year’s line of commercial turf care products at this past GIE. This includes the line of Kubota Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers, as well as two of the brand’s lines of powerful zero turn mowers showcasing upgrades designed to reduce your costs and maximize uptime.

Kubota Introduces a New Hydro Walk-Behind Mower in 2022

The Kubota 2022 Commercial Mower Line will see the addition of the W Series Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers. Kubota offers three models–the WHF14NC-36-2, WHF15NC-48-2, and WHF19NC-52-2–with each one built to cut, mulch, and bag better.

These models offer updated ergonomic controls, a new floating deck design, and larger, puncture free tires. Additionally, the W Series mowers all feature cutting power that’s optimized to account for the cutting deck size. The mower speed and horsepower increase as you move up deck sizes. These include a 36″, 48″, and 56″ deck option.

The company claims that the W Series Hydro Walk Mowers can tackle properties up to three acres with a 5-hour runtime and increased performance and durability.

Kubota 2022 Zero Turn Mowers Get an Upgrade

Kubota will also introduce upgrades to the existing Z400 and Z700 Series Zero Turn Mowers.

For the Z400 Series mowers, Kubota has unveiled a Power Grass Catcher. Designed for both residential and pros, this grass catcher leaves no debris behind on even the most challenging tasks.

The Kubota Z400 ZT Mowers come standard with 6.5-inch-wide front caster tires and a deluxe adjustable suspension seat with 3″ of travel. Hydro-Gear ZT-3600 transmissions, 24″ low profile rear tires, and 22-24 hp Kawasaki engines deliver class-leading travel speeds, as well as Pro-grade durability and performance.

Meanwhile, the Kubota Z700 Series mowers now offer airless Michelin X Tweel tires. Tweel Turf airless radial tires are designed to eliminate service time caused by flats and unseated beads. Tweels offer lateral stability on hillsides, sloped surfaces, and when climbing over curbs and bumps.

Kubota claims that the Z700 mowers offer best-in-class performance, productivity, and durability. And, with a wide operator station and a premium adjustable suspension seat, longer jobs will cause reduced fatigue.

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To learn more about the Kubota Commercial Turf Equipment line for 2022, or information about dealership locations and financing options, visit Kubotausa.com .

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