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ECHO CSG-7410 Cut-Off Saw Preview – 14-inch 74cc

Echo doesn’t only make industry leading landscaping power tools and chainsaws, but they also venture into hardscaping and construction tools as well. Not to be outdone, by anyone, the new Echo CSG-7410 cut-off saw has features not seen on any other saws. We got to put our hands on the CSG-7410 while at the 2018 GIE Expo.


Echo CSG-7410 Cut-off Saw Features

ECHO CSG-7410 Cut-off Saw Fast-Idle Choke

Fast Idle Choke

Providing the power is a new 73.4 cc 2-stroke engine churning at 9,800 RPM. Don’t worry, Echo made sure that starting this beast is easy as well, including a decompression valve. Press the decompression valve button once, close the choke, prime the fuel with the purge bulb, then pull the cord. Once the Eco CSG-7410 cut-off saw roars to life, the fast-idle choke keeps the RPM high. Once the engine is warm, just blip the throttle, and the choke opens and the unit returns to a normal idle.

A new four-stage air filtration system will keep all the gremlins and nastiness out of the critical engine components. Dirty air passes first through the starter side of the Echo cut-off saw, where the dirty air will cool the ouside of the engine, but a centrifugal effect directs the cleaner air into the actual two-stage filters.

Flush Cutting with the Echo Cut-off Saw

The 14-inch blade (abrasive included, diamond sold seperately) is centered to the body of the saw, providing the best balance. However, to cut close to a wall, the wheel and arbor can be switched to the outside of the CSG-7410. This allows the cutting wheel to cut almost flush with the wall. A quick release hose adapter is included as well to make connnecting/disconnecting the water supply a breeze.

We look forward to getting the Echo CSG-7410 cut-off saw in our hands, so we can perform a complete review. Units should already be in your Echo dealers and MSRP is $899. For more information on the CSG-7410, click here.


Echo CSG-7410 Cut-Off Saw Specifications

  • Echo Cut-off saw - Easy Starting

    Easy Starting

    Engine Displacement (cc): 73.5

  • Max. Engine Speed (rpm): 9,800
  • Max. spindle Speed (rpm): 3,820
  • Drive System Ratio: 2.6
  • Arbor Size (mm): 20 & 25.4
  • Weight* (lb) (w/o wheel): 23.6
  • Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.): 23.7
  • Wheel Diameter (in.): 14
  • Start/Stop: Switch Momentary
  • Decompression Valve: Yes
  • Purge Bulb: Yes
  • Choke w/Fast Idle: Yes
  • Max. Cutting Depth (in.): 4.9
  • Wheel Included: Abrasive
  • Commercial Warranty: 1 years
  • Rental Warranty: 90 days
  • MSRP: $899






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Chris Driver

that just look so nice bet it cost a pretty penny

Frankie Wendall

$ 899

Cheryl Medlin Sutton


Andrew Peterson

easy to start