Oregon 120V Cordless Professional Series

Oregon 120V Professional Series

We recently had the pleasure of checking out the new Oregon product line at the 2017 GIE Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Along with a really cool automatic chain sharpener, Oregon also showcased their new lineup of battery-powered commercial grade tools. The Oregon 120V Professional Series Cordless Equipment promises more power than comparable gas-powered tools. And, because they operate on a high-capacity 120V system, the new Pro Series offers runtimes and weather resistance that make these tools a viable electric alternative for professional applications. Scheduled for a Spring release in 2018, the new lineup should be available anywhere Oregon products are sold.

What Oregon Has To Say About It

“Oregon has been serving lawn and landscape professionals for decades. We understand the need for cordless products that are powerful enough for heavy commercial work, but also enable crews to operate quietly and with more care for the environment. We’re confident that our new Oregon 120V Professional Series will help extend the work day, reduce down time and offer the professional grade reliability and durability needed to help our customers grow their businesses.”

-Josh Huffman, Business Segment Director, Outdoor Power Equipment for Oregon

The New Oregon 120V Professional Series Cordless Lineup

The New Oregon Battery Platform

Oregon 120V Professional SeriesOregon started the whole project at the foundation. At the heart of the new Professional Series lies the new 120V battery platform. Either of the BX975 or BX650 batteries can power the new lineup. Like all the tools in the Professional Series, both batteries offer weather resistance; outside conditions won’t slow down productivity.

The 9.0 Ah BX975 weighs in at 14 lbs and generates 973 Watt hours of power. It can reach full recharge in about 5 hours. The lighter 6.0 Ah BX650 weighs only 10.9 lbs. It cranks out 648 Wh, and it recharges in about 3 hours.

All of the equipment in the Oregon 120V Pro Series tethers to the battery, which the user wears on his back.  Both high-capacity batteries fit into the Oregon backpack and the Oregon BL120VX Backpack Blower.

 Oregon 120V Professional Series

The Oregon BL120VX Backpack Blower

Oregon 120V Professional Series
The BL120VX includes a variable speed trigger, stealth function, and throttle lock.

Because electric blowers draw so much power, we see that a lot of electric equipment manufacturers tend to flaunt their blowers. If you prove you can make an efficient and powerful blower, surely the rest of your cordless equipment meets the same standards, right? Well, Oregon didn’t throw us any curveballs here; their blower was the first thing they showed off for us.

And, the BL120VX Backpack Blower had some decent power. At full speed, Oregon’s backpack blower cranks out 164 MPH and 526 CFM for 22 Newtons of force. To be fair, there are electric blowers on the market that can push comparable numbers, but the BL120VX does land on the higher end of that spectrum. Plus, Oregon claims that you can get about 45 minutes of runtime on a charge with their blower operating at full throttle.

The BL120VX conforms to the traditional backpack blower style. It includes a stealth feature for quieter operation. In fact, Oregon claims that this blower’s power to noise ratio is unmatched in the cordless world. At 59 dB(a), this blower would definitely fall into the “ultra quiet” category, even by cordless standards.

Oregon 120V Professional Series
The BL120VX was continually “rained on” for the entirety of the show. It maintained operation.

To see how the BL120VX measures up to some of the cordless world’s better performers, check out the Best Cordless Blower Shootout over at our sister site, ProToolReviews.com .

Oregon ST120VX String Trimmer

Oregon 120V Professional SeriesNext, Oregon led us over to their new String Trimmer. The ST120VX advertises the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio, as well as more power and torque than comparable gas models. It has a cutting width of 16.5″ and weighs in at 12.1 lbs.

Like the blower, the ST120VX features a Stealth Mode for quieter operation. Users can expect over 4 hours of runtime on a charge. Like the other tools in the 120V Professional Series, the ST120VX tethers to the BX975 or Bx650 Batteries.

The HT120VVX Hedge Trimmer and EG120VX Edger

Oregon’s cordless hedge trimmer has an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, according to the company. It weighs in at a relatively lightweight 14.4 lbs. The cutting head can extend out up to 86″, and it can rotate up to 130°. It runs for almost 6 hours on a single charge.

The EG120VX  offers stealth mode, and Oregon claims that it is the “world’s only Professional-Grade Cordless Edger.” It can run for over 7 hours on a charge, and weighs 13.3 lbs. It has a blade length of 8″, and offers more torque than gas edgers.Oregon 120V Professional Series

Final Thoughts

It seems clear that Oregon spent some time planning out and engineering their line of Professional grade cordless tools. They claim to have collected extensive data from many commercial landscaping crews and industry veterans in order to meet the demands of the job site. This diligence and attention to detail, they advertise, allowed them to create a line of cordless tools that offer more power and less noise than comparable gas-powered equipment.

Their work shows, I think. Whether or not the 120V Professional Series really exceeds the power of gas-powered OPE, or increases productivity, is a little hard to say from a neutral perspective. Seeing the products at an expo, and using them for a week on the job are two different things. But, it does seem clear that Oregon did their homework, and for the professional that wants to go green, the 120V line does seem like a completely viable alternative to gasoline. It has a good amount of power and torque, and these tools do seem exceptionally quiet. The weather resistance looks effective. With all that in mind, if the runtimes are as good as Oregon claims, this platform could really work.

To Tether or Not

We did have some questions about the backpack battery. Will the pro want to unhook the battery from the blower housing every time they need to switch from blowing to another job that requires the use of the backpack? And, does the pro want to be tethered to a battery anytime they’re not on a mower? Personally, I didn’t see it as being a particularly big deal. I would think the ease of start-up mitigates the annoyance of that one particular scenario. But, the question remains, and it’s probably worth considering if you’re looking into Oregon’s OPE line.

For more information on the Oregon 120V Professional Series of Cordless OPE, check them out at OregonProducts.com/en/120VProSeries .

Oregon 120V Professional Series Features

  • Stealth Mode: This setting allows the user to run at full speed without violating noise restrictions.
  • More Power and Torque: Oregon engineered this equipment to offer up to 15% more power than gas-fueled tools.
  • Weather Ready: Oregon designed the Pro Series with water and dust seals on the electrical connections and components.
  • Increased Productivity: Efficient power offers extended run times with no downtime for refueling, while electric platform allows for instant start-up and low noise output.
  • Commercial-Grade Durability: Engineered and tested to endure the impacts and heavy usage of professional applications.

Oregon 120V Professional Series Specs

Oregon 120V Professional SeriesBL120VX Backpack Blower

  • Weight: 20.5 lbs.
  • Sound Rating: 59 db(A)
  • Windspeed: 164 MPH
  • Volume: 526 CFM
  • Force: 22 Newtons
  • MSRP:$499

ST120VX String Trimmer

  • Weight: 12.1 lbs.
  • Length: 73.5″
  • Cutting Width: 16.5″
  • MSRP: $459

HT120VX Hedge Trimmer

  • Weight: 14.4 lbs.
  • Length: 86″
  • Rotation Range: 130°
  • MSRP: $499Oregon 120V Professional Series

EG120VX Edger

  • Oregon 120V Professional SeriesWeight: 13.3 lbs.
  • Length: 71″
  • Blade Length: 8″
  • MSRP: $459

BX975/BX650 Batteries

  • Weight: 14 lbs/10.9 lbs
  • Amp Hours: 9.0 Ah/6.0 Ah
  • Watt Hours: 973 Wh/648 Wh
  • Weather Resistant: Yes
  • MSRP: $699/$499

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