Makita 80V Max XGT 14-Inch Power Cutter GEC01

Makita 80V max XGT 14-Inch Power Cutter GEC01

The Makita XGT line promises high-performance equipment and at STAFDA 2021, we got to see how the latest expansion of the system delivers it. The most impressive of the group was the Makita 80V max XGT 14-inch power cutter.

Makita 80V max XGT Power Cutter Design

We don’t have a ton of information this early in the game, but we’ll keep updating this article as more becomes available.

The Makita XGT power cutter is an 80V max tool that uses two 40V max XGT batteries for power, similar to the way 36V LXT tools use two 18V LXT batteries. Any two XGT batteries will do the trick, but you want to make sure they have the same capacity, and the larger the batteries, the longer your runtime.

It’s a full-size 14-inch saw with a design that takes its inspiration straight from its gas counterpart. In terms of the handle placement and operation during the cut, it’s an easy transition.

As we expect from any power cutter, the saw has a built-in water delivery system. Even better, it’s compatible with the power cutter dolly that offers an onboard water tank and lets you cut from a standing position.

Hose Adapter

Big Power Source for High-Demand Tools

As part of the launch, Makita now has an 8.0Ah XGT battery. Using two of these packs, the power cutter has a whopping 576Wh of capacity onboard!

Makita 8Ah XGT Battery

The pack is obviously larger than you want to use on handheld tools. However, it’s perfect for the larger equipment we expect to see Makita rolling out as the line expands.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the Makita 80V max XGT power cutter’s battery power supply. It’s more than just the lower noise, emissions, and maintenance of switching away from gas, though.

It opens up a lot of interior cutting applications where a gas saw’s performance is preferable and electric saws keep popping breakers. Add in reduced vibration and it’s easy to see the GEC01 becoming the go-to power cutter for a lot of contractors.

We’re still waiting on pricing and availability. We should know more once the final production units are ready to ship. Of course, there are also ongoing shipping issues plaguing everyone. For now, we expect it to arrive sometime in 2022.

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