Masterforce 20V Brushless Leaf Blower Review

Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower review

Masterforce 400 CFM Leaf Bower Wraps Up Lawn Day Right

You have a lot of choices when it comes to battery-powered outdoor power equipment. Menards provides an interesting option with the Masterforce 20V Brushless Leaf Blower. With 400 CFM of blowing power and a truly reasonable price, this leaf blower presents a compelling consumer option for smaller yards. We wanted to try it out for ourselves.

Masterforce 20V Brushless Leaf Blower Design

20V Battery Power Source

While Menards offers an 80V blower under the Masterforce brand, this model uses a Masterforce 20V battery. With the smaller pack, you don’t get the energy and storage potential of a larger voltage pack. This blower, however, remains compatible with the entire Masterforce line of 20V power tools. That lets your power tools and your lawn care equipment use the exact same battery system.

Menards Masterforce 20V battery


The 20V battery packs lower the weight considerably on this leaf blower. It weighs just 4.7 pounds as a bare tool. Add the 4.0Ah battery included in the kit and you increase that to 6.2 pounds. The Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower is truly lightweight!

20V battery-powered blower

Masterforce 20V Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Performance

Manufacturers typically communicate the capability of blowers using a combination of MPH and CFM. Where MPH (miles per hour) measures airspeed, this unit boasts 100 MPH. CFM (cubic feet per minute) measures how much air volume a blower produces. The Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower hits a respectable 400 CFM.

That certainly tells part of the story. We use a system that measures Newton force to tell the true story. Newton force measures how much actual blowing force a blower produces.

Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower

We managed to hit 8.5 Newtons on our force meter. That gives the Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower plenty of power to blow off the patio, sidewalk, or driveway once all of the mowing and trimming are finished. Expect it to run into difficulty when trying to blow wet grass and/or leaves.


We ran some runtime tests and the Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower ran for 14 minutes at high speed using the included 4Ah battery pack. Trigger time is never constant, so expect to blow lawns up to 1/3 of an acre in size following mowing and trimming. For a 20V power tool, that run time truly impressed us.

Noise Level

One of the great advantages of using battery-powered blowers is how quietly they operate. Manufacturers measure noise from 50 feet away for ANSI specs. That largely deals with how the blower affects everyone around you.

We want to understand how loud the tool is for the user. Measuring SPL from the operator’s ear, the Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower produced just 72 dBA (decibels) at Low speed and 78 dBA at its full throttle. The best battery-powered leaf blowers tested this year measure over 80 dBA at wide open throttle (WOT). This tool runs quiet!

Masterforce 400 CFM 20V Brushless Leaf Blower Price

You can get your hands on this Masterforce blower for $139.99 and that includes a 4.0Ah battery and charger. Of course, Menards frequently runs sales and rebate offers, so keep your eyes open to snag it for even less.

Masterforce warranties the blower for 3 years.

The Bottom Line

The Masterforce 20V brushless leaf blower does a fine job considering it runs on just a single 20V battery. It’s a good fit for smaller lawns that mainly require hard surface cleanup after mowing and light fall leaf collection. If that sounds like your lawn and you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to gas or corded leaf blowers, this is for you.


  • Model: Masterforce 4707.3
  • Power Source: Masterforce 20V battery (FlexPower or Boost)
  • Max Airspeed: 100 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 400 CFM
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds bare, 6.2 pounds with 4.0Ah battery
  • Length: 32 inches

Discover more Masterforce OPE at Menards by clicking here !

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