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Craftsman Lawn and Garden Equipment Unveiled at Launch Event

Back in 2017, we reported that Stanley Black and Decker had purchased the Craftsman name from Sears. Although the Craftsman brand has traditionally had a ton of name recognition in the world of hand tools, you might be surprised to find out that the bulk of the brand’s revenue streams have, more recently, come from the Craftsman Lawn and Garden line. Mowers and other products of the OPE variety have fueled the bulk of the company’s profit margins. With this being the somewhat surprising case, it makes sense that Stanley Black and Decker, a brand also known for hand and power tools, might purchase the Craftsman name for an inroad into the ever-expanding lawncare sector of the market.


Well, the big unveiling of the Craftsman brand, now operating under SBD, finally came. At the recent launch event in Baltimore, MD, Craftsman revealed over 1200 tools and products that will soon appear on the shelves at your local retailers. Of course, many of the tools did revolve around hand tools and the like, but given both the current industry trends and brand history, we weren’t at all surprised to see a focus on new Craftsman lawn and garden equipment, storage options, and cordless offerings. These were the tools that tickled our fancy.

New Craftsman Lawn and Garden Products

L-Series Lawn Tractors

Craftsman Lawn And GardenThe new Craftsman lawn and garden lineup will include the brand’s tight turning L-Series lawn tractors. These mowers come in a variety of sizes, and with a variety of engine options available. They feature a 5″ turning radius for superior coverage.

Craftsman is also releasing a zero turn mower for larger residences. The Z560 features a 54″ cutting deck, which is an upgrade from the 46″ model that used to top out the Craftsman mower lineup.



Cordless OPE

Craftsman Lawn And GardenAlong with mowers, the new Craftsman lawn and garden lineup includes some landscaping tools on the brand’s cordless 20V and 60V platforms. One of the products the brand seems most excited about is an axial blower on the Craftsman V20 platform. It features 350 CFM at 100 mph, and a variable speed control with turbo boost.

We also had a good time playing with the new Craftsman cordless chainsaws. Both a 20-volt and 60-volt version are available. We thought that the 60-volt version, in particular, handled itself pretty well with this pine log.

Versa Track Wall System

Since the Craftsman brand typically targets the homeowner, it makes sense that the brand has found ways for users to keep their Craftsman products neat and organized when they’re not in use. Along with a whole slew of new toolbox and storage options, the Versa Track wall storage system joins the growing list of new Craftsman products.

The Versa Track is, essentially, a modified series of aluminum French cleats.  They come in 6″ x 48″ strips, which allows users to customize the wall system for their space. The Versa Track can be installed on top of drywall, wall studs, or masonry.Craftsman Lawn And Garden

Many of the tools from the new Craftsman lineup have integrated hooks that attach to the Versa Track, though the system comes with an assortment of extra hooks. And, with the brand’s patented Hooktite latching system at work, tools and accessories stay put securely.Craftsman Lawn And Garden


Our Thoughts

We’re happy that the Craftsman brand will carry on despite the slow, but seemingly inevitable, collapse of Sears. The move to operating under SBD looks like it will do the brand a lot of good, especially in terms of exposure and availability. In large part, the Craftsman lawn and garden tools look like they’re geared more for the homeowner than the professional, but that probably won’t come as too much of a surprise to many people who are familiar with the brand.


For a fuller account of our coverage of the Craftsman Launch Event, check out our article on the Shop Tool Reviews site here. To check out the new lineup of Craftsman lawn and garden tools, as well as everything else the brand is cooking up, check out the Craftsman site here.




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