Craftsman BP510 Leaf Blower Review

craftsman bp510 backpack leaf blower

The backpack blower is a great platform. They take the load off your wrist, elbows, forearm, and upper arm. In doing so, these tools put the weight on your shoulders, where you can carry more. In addition, they’re highly maneuverable, and, generally speaking, more powerful. And, now that we’re through singing their praises, it’s time to focus on one particular model: The gas-powered Craftsman BP510 Backpack Leaf Blower (CMXGAAMR51BP).

Our staff got their hands on one and took it out for a test run. Is this the one for you? Before you decide for yourself, take a look at what they thought.

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Craftsman BP510 Backpack Leaf Blower Performance

craftsman CMXGAAMR51BP backpack blower

Many of the new models are cordless these days, but gas units are still going strong. In fact, gas remains the overall fuel source of choice for those with bigger yards, where runtime and power don’t share so close a connection.

And, speaking of power, the Craftsman BP510 leaf blower is impressive. Indeed, its 51cc engine puts out a blowing force of 600 CFM and 220 miles per hour. This isn’t just in line with medium-duty residential backpack units. We think it’s a shade above the performance often seen in that class.

That said, while the BP510 generates hurricane winds (easily besting Andrew’s 165-mph brutality), we are sticklers for CFMs. The greater the volume, the greater the coverage, and that’s what cuts your work time–categorically.


  • Model: Craftsman BP510 (CMXGAAMR51BP)
  • Dry weight: 20 lbs
  • Blowing force: 600 CFM, 220 MPH
  • Engine displacement: 51cc
  • Noise level: 95 dBA

Par for the course, this unit has a variable speed trigger as well as a cruise control dial to give your finger a rest during extended use. The pistol grip is also adjustable to match your arm length.

craftsman bp510 leaf blower performance

Given that Craftsman designed the BP510 as a gas-powered leaf blower, it’s going to be louder than its cordless counterparts. During our tests, it registered 95 dB at full throttle. That’s on the noisy side, but as we just mentioned, not surprisingly so.

Start-Up Procedure

The BP510’s startup procedure is straightforward.

  1. Slowly push the primer bulb 10 times until fuel is flowing visibly, then set the choke to position “1”;
  2. Put the cruise control dial to max power and pull the starting cord 5 times;
  3. Move the choke lever to position “2” and continue to pull the cord until it starts.

Editor’s Note: For optimal performance, Craftsman recommends letting the engine warm up for about a minute.

bp510 startup procedure

And, again, while Craftsman’s BP510 is a residential leaf blower, this backpack unit is at the high end of the medium-duty class–no question.

Still, we’re talking about high performance within the realm of specific tasks, such as clearing seasonal leaves, blowing driveways and sidewalks, and cleaning around patios and fences. (We like that Craftsman included a narrow concentrator nozzle, which comes in handy with wet grass and debris.)

Craftsman BP510 Backpack Leaf Blower Design

In terms of weight, the BP510 is 20.5 lbs (with a full tank), which is a respectably low number considering that some of the battery-powered backpack models we’ve tested are upwards of 30 lbs.

Moreover, Craftsman’s design team didn’t forget about comfort during extended use. And let’s face it, that’s important when you wear the tool. The adjustable shoulder straps have great padding. Furthermore, four springs between the engine and backpack frame help to reduce vibration.

craftsman bp510 backpack blower padding

Assembling this blower takes just a few minutes. What’s more, you only need a flat-head screwdriver. The concentrator nozzle and blower tube have quick-release buttons, so they’re easy to take on and off when you want to store the blower.


  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Good vibration control
  • Easy to start


  • No significant drawbacks

The Bottom Line

After running the Craftsman BP510, our staff was pleased with its overall features, performance, and design. This model is easy to start (an asset on gas units), and it has ample power.

Additionally, the padded shoulder straps and vibration buffer make it comfortable during long work sessions. In short, if you’re a gas-power devotee who’s still on the fence about cordless gear, we recommend that you give Craftsman’s BP510 leaf blower your attention.

Craftsman BP510 Leaf Blower Price

The Craftsman BP510 sells for $279 and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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