Greenworks Commercial Expands Landscaping String Trimmer Lineup

3 New Commercial Models Expand the Greenworks 82V Line

In an effort to make the Greenworks Commercial 82V Landscaping String Trimmer line more customizable for the end user, the brand has released three new models. The 82T16 Brushless Front Motor String Trimmer and the 82TB16 and 82TB18 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmers join an already robust lineup of cordless OPE tools for the Pro market.

10-Second Summary

  • 82V Commercial Line now has 5 string trimmer models to choose from
  • 82T16 Front Motor String Trimmer offers better power and precision by moving the motor from the back of the unit to the cutting head
  • 82TB16 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer offers the comfort and balance of a bike handle
  • 82TB18 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer offers the same, but with an 18″ cutting radius
  • Both bike handle models come with a brush cutter blade

What’s New About the New Models?

This news comes on the heels of the release of the GT 161 Attachment Capable String Trimmer launch earlier in the year. This was an interesting release in and of itself since we don’t see a whole lot of electric trimmers that have the power or capability to use string trimmer attachments; most are limited to using only trimmer line, and they’re pretty particular about the gauge you can use at that.

However, these new Greenworks Commercial Landscaping String Trimmer models bring even more applicational flexibility to the line, giving landscape Pros a total of 5 trimmers to choose from for their trimming needs.

When you need the type of power and control it takes to rip down tall grasses and weeds without tiring out your arms, the 16″ and 18″ Bike Handle models will make a lot of sense. They both use an ergonomic design that ramps up the comfort and utility of the string trimmer. They also offer better balance and directional “steering” that offer the control that won’t stress out your arms. Plus, they come standard with a Brush Cutter blade as well.

For trimming in tighter spaces, the new 16″ loop handle model offers optimal power and precision by moving the motor from the back of the trimmer to the front. Energy, on this model, is delivered directly to the cutting head rather than having to be transferred down the shaft.

What Does Greenworks Commercial Have To Say About The New Line?

“As lithium-ion powered trimmers become a ‘must-have’ part of landscape crews’ daily tool arsenals, we wanted to offer more highly-customized options that can tackle a wide array of jobs and meet all the varied ergonomic preferences of crew members. With our two new bike handle trimmers, the 82TB16 and the 82TB18, and our new loop handle front motor trimmer, the 82T16, we are proud to now offer landscape pros more lithium-ion powered trimming options than they’ve ever had before, allowing them greater ability to tailor their tools to specific jobs and preferences.”

-Tony Marchese, Commercial Business Unit Leader for Greenworks America

Check Out These Greenworks Products

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The 82T16 Front Motor String Trimmer retails for $250, while the 82TB16 jumps up to $365. The 18″ 82TB18 is similarly priced at $389. Each tool comes with a 2-year warranty. The Greenworks Commercial Landscaping String Trimmer line is available now through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, PACE, and Steven Willand independent dealer networks.

For more information about the 82T16 Brushless Front Motor String Trimmer, the 82TB16 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer, and the 82TB18 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer, check out the Greenworks Commercial website here .

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