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Michelin Supplies X Tweel Tires To Mean Green Mower Line

Michelin has recently partnered with Mean Green Mowers to include their X Tweel tires on select Li-Ion ZTR mower models. As of now, the Mean Green Stalker stand-on mower can come equipped with the Michelin X Tweel Turf 18″ drive wheels. Likewise, the CXR-60 ride-on ZTR can come fitted with the brand’s 24″ drive wheels.


What Are Michelin X Tweels?

X TweelIf you’ve not been enlightened yet to the unique design of Michelin’s X Tweel Turf tires, here’s the deal…Tweels, as one standalone unit, replace the current tire/wheel/valve assembly. They require no air, which eliminates both the possibility of flat tires as well as the need to maintain air pressure.

They utilize full-width poly-resin spokes that provide lateral stability and, because of their design, provide shock absorption, even when navigating over curbs. Michelin also has caster-sized X Tweels available for front wheel fitments.X Tweel

Mean Green Mowers, for a variety of reasons, have always billed themselves as a better option to gas-powered motors. One of those reasons has to do with minimal maintenance. Now, with Michelin’s X Tweels, users can expect to worry even less about maintenance in their quest to go green.

“In 2008, we decided there was a better way to build a zero-turn mower. We designed an electric mower that is much quieter, produces zero emissions, has minimal routine maintenance and demonstrates fuel savings. Our collaboration with Michelin continues our environmental journey.”

-Joe Conrad, president of Mean Green Mowers

X Tweel

We’re not sure yet if the Micheline X Tweel Turf will redefine the mowing industry, but our experiences with them have been really positive. We look forward to more of these innovations for electric mowers, which are becoming more and more prevalent in the OPE market.

“In working with the Mean Green team, we were able to assist them in furthering their innovation and sustainability of commercial electric mowers.”

-Olivier Brauen, vice president of Michelin Tweel Technologies

For more information on Michelin X TWEEL, visit Michelintweel.com. For more information about Mean Green Mowers, you can locate their website by clicking here.








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