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Stihl MS 462 C-M Chainsaws

New Stihl Professional Chainsaws Boast Powerful Performance and Lighter Weight

There’s no doubt that chainsaws tend to be heavy. When you’re dealing with taking down tree limbs, or trees in general, less weight equals less fatigue, and less fatigue equals safer and more productive work. But, generally speaking, working with a lighter saw means compromising on power. Stihl thinks they’ve come up with a solution to that tradeoff. The Stihl MS 462 C-M chainsaws have shrugged off some of the weight without skimping on power.

10-Second Summary

  • Model Number: MS 426 C-M
  • 13 lbs.
  • M-Tronic engine management system
  • Features include: anti-vibration, slim sprocket covers, bumper spike design, felling marks, pre-separation air filtration
  • MSRP: $1099 or $1139 (MS 462 R C-M)



What’s The Big Deal?

The power to weight ratio is the real talking point with these two new Stihl saws. At 13 lbs, the 462 C-M chainsaws are light and maneuverable. Meanwhile, the 462 RC-M weighs in at 13.9 lbs. However, they both still have a 72.2 cc engine capable of 6.0 BHP. Stihl says that these chainsaws are the lightest in their class.

Let’s put that into perspective. The new, comparably powered Husqvarna chainsaws, which are pretty lightweight in their own right, have slightly smaller engines and still weigh around 1-1.5 lbs more.

Stihl MS 462 C-M

Additionally, the Stihl MS 462 C-M saws feature the M-Tronic engine management system, which electronically controls ignition timing and fuel metering. This can really help with fuel efficiency, especially in cases where there is a change in fuel quality or altitude. A Stihl Ematic oil pump provides lubrication while consuming 50% less oil (when paired with an Oilomatic saw chain).

Stihl MS 462 C-M

These chainsaws also include anti-vibration technology, slim sprocket covers to reduce wood chip clogging, a bumper spike design that helps maintain better control, and vertical and horizontal felling marks. They include pre-separation air filtration for better filtering that requires less maintenance.

Stihl MS 462 C-M

The MS 462 R C-M comes equipped with a convenient wrap handle, which allows you to use the chainsaw comfortably from a variety of hand positions while felling or limbing.

What Stihl Has To Say About It

“At just 13 pounds and 13.9 pounds, respectively, the STIHL MS 462 C-M and MS 462 R C-M chain saws are the lightest professional gasoline-powered chain saws in their class. These chain saws offer powerful performance and maneuverability fit for any forest.”

-John Allen, product manager for STIHL Inc.


Stihl MS 462 C-M Chainsaw Specs

  • Displacement: 72.2 cc
  • Engine Power: 6.0 bhp
  • Powerhead Weight: 13 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 24.35 oz
  • Chain Oil: 11.5 oz
  • Guide Bar Lengths: 16″ to 28″
  • Power Source: Gas
  • MSRP
    • Stihl MS 462 C-M: $1,099
    • Stihl MS 462 R C-M: $1,139

To learn more about the Stihl MS 462 C-M and MS 462 R C-M, visit .

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Luke Proffer

Brad Borchers your next chainsaw.

Bradford Miller

MS462 CM vs MS462 RCM. Which would you get? 130.00 price difference.