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Toro MyRide Suspension System

Toro’s MyRide Suspension System Now Comes on TimeCutter MX Line

You might remember a few weeks back, when we took a look at Toro’s new TimeCutter line of mowers, that we mentioned the Toro MyRide Suspension as an available feature on the line. We teased the new suspension system without getting into too many of the details. Well, if you’re still curious, we finally got the full scoop on what that actually means for all you potential Toro TimeCutter owners.

10-Second Summary

  • MyRide cushions your sensitive bottom from bumps, vibrations, and impacts that are the natural result of mowing on a lawn tractor or zero turn mower
  • MyRide allows for a full 3″ of up and down travel for your seat
  • This system also reduces side-to-side movement
  • Operator can easily and quickly adjust the shock settings on the seat platform without tools
  • MyRide comes on TimeCutter MX, TimeCutter HD, and Z Master zero turn mowers


What Toro Has To Say About the MyRide System

“What we’re really doing is taking a great mower, the TimeCutter MX, and making it a dream to ride. MyRide has been very well-received on the TimeCutter HD zero-turn mowers, and we want to offer the same proven benefits to even more of the residential segment. Mowing doesn’t have to be a chore.”

-Tom Werner, marketing manager at Toro

“Dream Rides” Are Great and All, But Tell Us About What MyRide Does…

Tired of feeling the force of every bump in the lawn focused directly on your bottom? This is where the Toro MyRide System becomes a welcome addition to any lawn mowing activity.

Similar to how the suspension system on an air ride cab or a semi truck, the MyRide Suspension System provides a full 3″ of travel. This suspension even reduces the side to side movement and pitch of the operator platform.

But, in case you don’t want all the available comfort that the MyRide System can provide, you can easily make adjustments to the shock settings on the seat platform from behind the seat. You don’t even need your tools to do it either.

Previously, this suspension system only featured on the Toro TimeCutter HD and Z Master lines, but they’ve also begun to include it on the TimeCutter MX. These models also feature an IronForged fabricated cutting deck and an 18″ premium seat to add even more comfort.


To shop for the Toro TimeCutter MX line with the MyRide Suspension System, visit your local Home Depot or check online here .

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