April 21, 2021

Ryobi 40V HP 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower RY401150

Cross Cut Multi-Blade System and Adaptive Variable Speed Set This Ryobi Mower Apart

The Ryobi High-Performance tech has made its way to the 40V platform, and what better way to show it off than to throw it into a mower? The Ryobi 40V HP self-propelled mower uses a Cross Cut twin-blade system and Smart Trek adaptive speed controls. It looks to offer the power and performance of gas with the convenience of electric power.

Ryobi 40V HP Self-propelled Mower Overview

There are probably a few things worth mentioning with the Ryobi 40V HP self-propelled mower. We’ll start with the 40V HP battery platform Ryobi put in this system.

Ryobi 40V HP self-propelled mower

As a general rule, the 40V HP tool line uses tools with brushless motors. These deliver more power, performance, and run time. In the case of the Ryobi 40V HP self-propelled mower, that means you get up to 70 minutes of run time using the kitted pair of 6.0Ah batteries. Ryobi estimates that this should be ideal for lots of 3/4 of an acre or less.

Cross Cut twin blade system

The Ryobi RY401150’s Cross Cut multiple blade system employs technology similar to what we first saw with Yamaha MicroCut twin blades. It employs a pair of offset blades. These provide superior cutting and mulching while maintaining excellent airlift for bagging applications.

Ryobi RY401150 40V HP mower with Smart Trek

Finally, the Ryobi 40V HP Self-Propelled Mower features Smart Trek adaptive variable speed. This system intelligently and intuitively adjusts the mower’s self-propel speed to your natural walking speed. It senses how much pressure you apply to the push bar and reactively adjusts on-the-fly.

Our Thoughts

We’ve had mixed experiences with the Smart Trek system, but many folks love the effortless way in which it sets your walking pace. At $599, Ryobi is stepping into premium battery-powered mower territory. It does so, however, with an excellent value by including a pair of 6Ah 40V battery packs. That makes this mower capable of covering a lot of ground.

We look forward to completing our review of this mower shortly—at which point we’ll update this review with our findings. In the meantime, we wanted to get as much information out to our readers as possible.

Other Ryobi 40V HP Self-propelled Mower Features

  • Push button for hassle-free starting
  • Self-propelled rear-wheel drive
  • Dual active battery ports
  • 21 in. durable polypropylene deck is lightweight and resists corrosion
  • 7-position, single-point height adjustment from 1 in. to 4 in.
  • 3-in-1 mowing functions, mulching, bagging, and side discharge
  • Easy lift single motion bag removal
  • 1-touch aluminum handles for compact, vertical storage
  • High-intensity LED headlights
  • Includes 2 Ryobi 40-Volt 6 Ah batteries
  • Includes a rapid charger for 4X faster charging


The Ryobi 40V HP 21″ Self-Propelled Mower is sold exclusively at Home Depot. It comes with two 6.0Ah HP batteries and a rapid charger, as well as a 5-year warranty on the tool and a 3-year warranty on the batteries. It retails for $599.

If you want to skip the Smart Trek system in lieu of a more conventional self-propelled system, you can save $100 on the Ryobi RY401140. It sells for just $499.

Ryobi 40V Crosscut Self-Propelled Mower Specs

  • Model: Ryobi RY401150
  • Voltage: 40V
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Self-propel system: Smart Trek
  • Deck Size: 21 in.
  • Cutting Height: 1.5–4 in.
  • Deck Height Adjustments: 7-position single point
  • Warranty: 5-year tool warranty and 3-year battery warranty
  • Kit price (2 x 6Ah batteries): $599

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