Stihl BGA 200 Leaf Blower Reviews

Stihl BGA 200 Handheld Blower

King of the Stihl Hill Improves Blow Force by 25%

Stihl has gone and one-upped themselves. Previously, the BGA 100 was king of the Stihl blower lineup, owing its place at the top of the pile to its exceptional performance. However, Stihl has released the BGA 200 handheld blower, which the brand claims surpasses its predecessor by 25%.

10-Second Summary

• Model: Stihl BGA 200
• Up to 21 Newtons of force
• 3 power levels with variable speed and turbo boost
• Adjustable blower tube with metal ring
• Steering pommel for one-hand cruise control (requires hip pad)
• 59 dBA for use in noise restricted areas
• Price: $399.95


A Combination of Performance and Features

Power & Noise

So, what does all this “extra power” equate to in hard, unambiguous language? Stihl tells us that the BGA 200 handheld blower tops out at 21 Newtons of blow force, along with a max air volume of 553 CFM and a max airspeed of 188 mph. Undoubtedly, this is an improvement on the 168 mph and 494 CFM we tested the BGA 100 at.

For more information about the relationship between airspeed, CFM, and Newton force, check out our article, “Blower MPH Vs. CFM: Which One is More Important?

The BGA 200 has 3 speed settings that you can set via a rocker switch. An additional Turbo boost calls upon the tool’s full potential.

Stihl BGA 200

This improvement doesn’t quite extend to the noise department, though it’s tough to complain that, at normal operating speeds, the Stihl BGA 200 blower registers an impressive 59 dBA. This is only marginally higher than the last iteration’s 56 dBA, which jumped up to 81 dBA in Turbo. We suspect that the Turbo Mode will jump this model’s numbers up by a proportional degree, but we can’t confirm that until we actually get our hands on it for testing.

Stihl BGA 200Stihl BGA 100
Max Newton Force21 N17 N
Max Airspeed188 MPH168 MPH
Max Air Volume553 CFM494 CFM
Sound Pressure Level59 dBA (excludes Boost Mode)56 dBA (excludes Boost Mode)


Both models forgo the onboard battery for a cable connection that attaches to either a backpack battery or a battery bag that gets worn at the hip. Both options remove the weight from your arms and move it to where its more manageable, leaving the actual blower really light.

Stihl BGA 200

From a feature perspective, however, the Stihl BGA 200 looks a right improvement over the older model. One of the cool things about this blower revolves around the cruise control setup. Not only is there a cruise control feature, but with the optional hip pad, you can hang the blower from your hip and use the alternate pommel grip to swing the blower around. It looks like an effective tool against even a minimal amount of fatigue.

Stihl BGA 200

At the push of a button, the blower tube on the Stihl BGA 200 blower can extend out for some extra length. The end of the tube features a metal ring that you can use to scrape things like wet leaves off the concrete and extends the lifespan of the tube.


Stihl rolled out the BGA 200 handheld blower this month, and it’s available from your local Stihl dealership. It retails for around $399.95. With any Stihl products, you get the benefit of an extensive servicing network.

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Stihl Handheld Blower Specs

  • Model: Stihl BGA 200
  • Blowing Force: 21 Newtons
  • Air Volume at Nozzle: 940 m³/h (553 cfm)
  • Max Air Velocity: 84 m/sec. (188 mph)
  • Average Air Velocity: 70 m/sec. (157mph)
  • Sound Pressure Level: 59 dBA
  • Price: $399.95
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