May 15, 2021

Toro Expands GrandStand Multi Force Attachment Lineup

Toro Multi Force Line Grows to Nine Tools with New Land and Snow Care Attachments

Toro knows that preparation is key for dealing with whatever Mother Nature throws at you. And, with the Toro Multi Force attachments for the GrandStand stand-on mower, Toro makes sure you’re prepared for any of her surprises. With the expanded lineup, you have the tools to tackle all of your landscaping tasks in any given season.

10-Second Summary

  • Toro adds new tools to Multi Force lineup for year-round productivity
  • Snow Blower
  • Leaf Plow
  • BOSS 48″ Snow Plow
  • EZ Vac Powered Bagger
  • Pro Force Blower
  • BOSS 60″ Plow
  • Power Broom
  • Tine Rake Dethatcher
  • Hooker Aerator

Toro GrandStand Multi Force Lineup

The Multi Force attachments center around Toro’s GrandStand stand-on mower. It comes in both 52″ and 60″ Turbo Force cutting decks, and with a 26.5 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI 741cc engine, it is firstly a powerful mower. It delivers up to 18,500 fpm blade speed while maintaining a 10 mph top speed to move through landscaping tasks quickly. 20″ rear tires provide plenty of traction in any condition or terrain.

While the Toro GrandStand is a fully capable mower, perhaps the magic of the line revolves around the (now) nine Multi Force attachments it can put to good use.

New Toro Multi Force Tools

  • At 48″ wide, the Snow Blower attachment can clear both tighter sidewalks as well as driveways and parking lots. It features a unique urethane trip edge that dampens any contact with obstacles in your path, like uneven pavement and manhole covers. Low-flow hydraulics let you adjust the lift and chute rotation, while high-flow hydraulics ensure you have plenty of power to clear piles of snow.
  • You can clear large areas quickly with the Toro Multi Force Leaf Plow. It sits at 55″ wide and features galvanized steel construction to push heavy, wet leaves. Stainless steel tines avoid damaging grass or turf. It folds back up over the deck when the job is over for easy trailer transport.
  • The BOSS 48″ Plow can clear most sidewalks in a single pass while giving you the versatility and maneuverability to clear snow from even tight spaces. Low-flow hydraulics let you lift the blade or adjust your angle on the fly.

Old Classics

  • The EZ Vac powered bagger 10 cu. ft. of bagging capacity that mounts to the side of the mower. Toro has designed the vertically-mounted blower on the bagging attachment for easier maneuverability in tight spaces with max visibility.
  • The Tine Rake Dethatcher mounts to the front of the GrandStand mower to remove thatch, leaves, and debris from the lawn.
  • Toro’s 38-inch-wide Hooker Aerator punctures the ground with six holes per square foot. The tines pierce the soil, hooking and lifting the loose plugs back up to the surface to allow nutrients back into the soil.
Toro Multi Force Broom
  • The fully hydraulic Toro Multi Force Power Broom spans 55 inches and delivers 225 rpm to tackle sidewalks, clearing snow, leaves, and debris down to the pavement.
  • Toro’s BOSS 60″ Plow features a 5′ trough and poly straight blade to handle driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and small parking lots. The 30º lift height lets you stack piles easily.
  • The Toro Multi Force Pro Force Blower includes a 360º nozzle rotation to direct the airflow. The powerful mower engine powers the fan to move piles of grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and other debris quickly.


You can find the Toro GrandStand mower, as well as all of these Multi Force attachments, at your local Toro dealership. You can find your closest Toro commercial dealer by visiting the website here .

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