Power Rake with Toro Multi Force

Toro Multi Force Rake/Aerator Saves Time and Money

When Springtime rolls back around, and then afterward when fall comes again, Toro’s got you covered with a new line of clean-up tools that attach to your Grandstand mower. The Toro Multi Force attachments take care of your aeration, raking, and dethatching needs.

What Is the Toro Multi Force?

The Toro Multi Force attachment hooks up to the front of your Grandstand mower with a mount bar and two clevis pins. For travel, and electric actuator lifts the heads so nothing gets damaged during transport.


But, when it comes to business time, the Toro Multi Force removes thatch, embedded leaves, and debris. It has a patented tine design that lifts thatch without removing healthy turfgrass while combing any matted grass to give your lawn a fresh-raked look. It even pairs with a collection system to save you even more hassle.

The lifting action of the tines prevents the soil compaction that you’d normally get with hollow tine aerators, allowing good filtration of air and water into the lawn. The aerator punctures up to six holes per square foot; they measure in at about 1/2″ wide, 1-1/4″ long, and 3″ deep. To put all this in perspective, the Toro Multi Force aerates 66,000 square feet per hour when moving at 5 mph.

Speaking of that patented design, the Multi Force features six floating rotor heads that lift independently with three caster assemblies and two floating cast iron tine rotor heads. It also includes swivel casters for easy turning while aerating.

What Toro Has To Say

“The feedback from contractors on Multi Force has been tremendously positive. As a tool that can be counted on for any day, any season, Multi Force will never be an idle investment. For profitable add-on jobs, the dethatcher and hooker aerator is perfect for the small or medium contractor who is looking to expand their service offerings.”

-Chris Vogtman, Toro senior marketing manager

Toro has other Multi Force accessory offerings available as well, including a jack mount kit, striping kit, bucket mount, and more. For more information on the entire lineup, visit your local Toro dealer. You can locate your closest dealer by checking in with Toro here .

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