milwaukee m18 trimmer kit

Milwaukee M18 Trimmer Kit (2713)

There’s no doubt that Milwaukee makes quality equipment. We’ve tested numerous models, and they’ve proven the company a solid and dependable manufacturer. And, in regard to OPE, it’s always nice to see kits. In this case, we mean those that go beyond (even a little bit) the battery and charger. These are nice options for […]

toro titan zero turn

Toro Titan Zero Turn

Talking to a Toro rep, you’d think the 54-inch Titan zero turn (75305) is a living, breathing creature. Indeed, they put it succinctly in conversation and in their marketing materials. Apparently, this thing has “Pro DNA running through its veins.” Of course, this begs the question of how true that statement is. Undoubtedly, the 75305 […]

greenworks bb361 backpack blower

Greenworks BB361 Backpack Blower

Especially for commercial users, the backpack platform is the way to go when it comes to choosing a leaf blower for your fleet. That said, many Pros still think that gas is the only viable alternative for their all-day, every-day rigs. Given the leaps and bounds that brands like Greenworks have made in cordless technology, […]

sunseeker l22 plus

Sunseeker L22 Plus Robotic Mower

We’re at a point in technology that, for two centuries, existed only in books and movies. Now, it’s not fiction. When you look out your window or drive down your street, it isn’t much out of the ordinary to see a robot mowing a lawn. And we’re working with Wild Badger Tools to tell you […]

ego snow blower shovel

EGO Snow Blower Shovel (MSS1203)

EGO Snow Shovel Attachment Makes Light Clearing More Convenient When we think of snow cleanup, we usually envision heavy accumulation and towering drifts. But what about lighter snowfalls on decks, patios, and porch steps? Take it from us. Based in the northern Mid-Atlantic, we get our fair share of snow, and one thing we know […]

karcher k2 pressure washer

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Kit (1.599-153.0)

No matter where you live, you probably have stains or crud somewhere on your property. Maybe it’s mold and algae on your deck, pool area, or outdoor kitchen. Maybe it’s on walkways or patio pavers. Regardless, a reliable pressure washer is the only way to clean them effectively. But we’ve heard from readers who are […]

dewalt flexvolt leaf blower

DeWalt FlexVolt Leaf Blower

Especially with gas prices what they are, cordless outdoor power equipment has exploded in popularity. You can kick the fuel can to the curb, get plenty of power, and you don’t stink like you do when working with a 2-stroke engine. One tool bringing voltage to the market is the 60V DeWalt FlexVolt Leaf Blower […]

toro flex force blower

Toro Flex Force Blower: Axial Model

Toro is a solid brand with a pretty long history. And, trust us, this is not marketing talk. Indeed, we think their gear speaks for itself. Their products are no strangers to our best-of lists, including our Best Leaf Blower Reviews. That said, it’s up to you to decide whether the 60V Toro Flex Force […]