Greenworks BB361 Backpack Blower

greenworks bb361 backpack blower

Especially for commercial users, the backpack platform is the way to go when it comes to choosing a leaf blower for your fleet. That said, many Pros still think that gas is the only viable alternative for their all-day, every-day rigs. Given the leaps and bounds that brands like Greenworks have made in cordless technology, we promise you that isn’t true. In fact, they’re quickly closing the gap between power and runtime, almost to the point where there is no discernible tradeoff. A great example is the Greenworks Commercial BB361 Backpack Blower.

We had a chance to see this model at this year’s Equip Expo, and we’re pretty sure it’ll impress you. Indeed, if you’re among those still on the fence about battery, you might find yourself one step closer to conversion by the end of this tour.

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Greenworks BB361 Backpack Blower Performance

It’s almost an understatement to say that the standout topic of discussion here is performance. Now, we work with OPE on a regular basis–day in and day out–so we have plenty of perspective. And Greenworks may very well have reset the bar with the BB361 backpack blower.

Driving the BB361 is a brushless motor and two 82V (8.0Ah) batteries. Together, they produce an eye-catching output of 755 CFM and 225 mph, not to mention a remarkable 36 Newtons. Currently, the top models are typically in the mid-20s, if that helps add some context.

greenworks 82v backpack blower


  • Model: Greenworks BB361
  • Battery: (2) 82V, 8.0Ah
  • Brushless motor
  • Output: 755 CFM, 225 mph
  • Blowing force: 36N
  • Runtime: 64 min
  • Weather rating: IPX5
  • Weight: 31.9 lbs (w/ 2 batteries)

Furthermore, runtime is an important factor. Using the two 82V batteries, you can expect to get as much as 64 minutes of runtime. Of course, this number will vary depending on how hard you run it.

On that note, you have a fair amount of control over power consumption, with three speed modes to cycle between. What’s more, there’s a cruise control dial if you want to set a steady blowing force. Meanwhile, you can still rev things up with the throttle.

Moreover, Greenworks incorporated an LCD screen into the BB361’s handle, displaying information such as the backpack blower’s operating status, throttle settings, and battery level.

Greenworks BB361 Backpack Blower Design

Starting with the BB361’s weight, this tool has some heft, at 31.9 lbs with both batteries installed. Again, for context, we’ve tested a slightly more powerful backpack blower that weighs about the same with three batteries onboard.

However, Greenworks did offset and evenly distribute the weight by adding padded shoulder and hip straps. The latter feature is a nice touch that Pros will appreciate.

Finally, with the battery cover closed, the blower earns an IPX5 ingress rating, which is a step up from the IPX4 that we often see.

Greenworks Commercial Backpack Blower Price

If you already have the Greenworks Commercial 82V batteries you need, you can get the BB361 backpack blower for $449.99 as a bare tool. The kitted option includes two 8.0Ah batteries and a dual port charger for $1299.99

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