Greenworks 82V Backpack Blower Review

greenworks 82v backpack blower

If you’re a commercial landscaper or lawn care professional, then you know how important it is to have a solid backpack blower on your trailer. Nonetheless, many Pros still think that gas is the only way to get power and runtime without any real tradeoffs. But, in just the last few years, cordless technology has come a long way. Indeed, high-performance battery-driven tools are giving their gas counterparts a run for their money more often. That said, when our team put the Greenworks Commercial BB361 82V backpack blower to the test, they did so with that expectation in mind.

So, does it measure up? Here’s what we think.

Greenworks 82V Backpack Blower Performance

Greenworks Commercial is no stranger to the battery-powered backpack leaf blower market. Having already launched a 26-Newton model, the next logical step is to push performance even higher.

Greenworks definitely wanted to turn heads with the launch of the BB361, and based on the performance numbers, they shouldn’t have any problem succeeding.

greenworks bb361 commercial backpack blower

This tool delivers an impressive 755 CFM and 225 MPH. We’re talking about a FEMA-worthy 36 Newtons of blowing force here. That makes the Greenworks 82V backpack blower a serious competitor in a landscape where most units peak somewhere in the 20s.

And, yes, several models will give you 40+ Newtons (see our Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews list), but we only started seeing traces of this trend in the last few years. To put it another way, some of the most popular professional backpack blowers hit the mid to high 30s, so the BB361 is in good company.

Of course, that level of performance power raises the question, “How much runtime will I get?”

This backpack blower uses two 82V 8.0Ah batteries that, according to Greenworks, will yield commercial-grade runtimes. Specifically, they say you can expect to get up to 64 minutes per charge. But, as always, remember that this figure will vary based on how hard you run the blower.

dual batteries


  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Max Airflow: 755 CFM
  • Max Airspeed: 225 MPH
  • Blowing Force: 36N
  • Operating Modes: 3
  • Runtime: 64 min
  • Noise Level: <65dB(A) based on ANSI testing standards at lowest speed setting

Greenworks equipped this backpack blower with three speed modes to help you manage how far you can stretch those 82V batteries. If you want to bounce between settings, you can easily cycle through them with the push of a thumb button located aft of the LDC screen. The latter displays the essential indicators, including mode, throttle, and battery level.

There’s also a cruise control dial if you want to set a steady blowing force while still having the ability to crank things up with the throttle.

lcd display

So, is this blower the real deal?

To see if Greenworks’ claims are true, we put the 82V commercial backpack blower through a battery of tests. Here’s what we observed:

Blowing Force19.6 N26.3 N36.9 N
Noise Level83 dB(a)86 dB(a)89 dB(a)

Starting with the blowing force, the BB361 did hit the promised 36 Newtons in our tests … it exceeded it, too. And, if you’re more concerned with extending runtime, 19.6 Newtons is still strong, and it will give you over an hour of runtime to boot!

Greenworks 86V Backpack Blower Design

  • Weight: 14.9 lbs. (bare), 31.9 lbs. (operating weight)
  • Weather Rating: IPX5
  • Rear LED safety light
  • Integrated carry handle

With the batteries installed, this blower weighs 31.9 pounds. While that’s on the heavy side, it’s not unusual for a multi-port unit. Besides, the padded shoulder straps and a chest strap distribute the heft and help minimize uncomfortable pressure points.

greenworks 82v backpack blower

With the battery cover closed, the BB361 carries an IPX5 ingress rating . We’re quite pleased with that, considering that an IPX4 is the unofficial standard for most equipment these days.

Now, we should note that the BB361 boasts a few features we haven’t yet seen on a backpack blower, and both involve LED lights. The first is an LED headlight. Mounted on the throttle, it boosts visibility wherever you point the nozzle, which is a nice touch on days when your workload takes you into the low-light hours.

throttle mounted headlight

And, speaking of visibility, there’s also a red LED safety light on the back of the unit to ensure that motorists can see you. Again, it’s clear that the Greenworks design team had on their thinking caps.

led safety light bb361

Additional Features

  • Compatible with all Greenworks Commercial 82V batteries

The Final Word

No doubt, Greenworks Commercial has raised the bar on battery-powered performance with this 82V backpack blower. Moreover, they talked the talk and walked the walk. With its honest-to-God 36-Newton blowing force (and then some), the BB361 is the most powerful cordless blower we’ve tested, setting a new performance threshold in an already highly competitive market.


  • Legit 36-Newton blowing force (higher in our tests)
  • More than an hour of runtime at 19+ Newtons
  • Throttle-mounted digital display with fuel gauge
  • IPX5 ingress rating
  • LED front light and rear safety light
  • Comfortably padded harness


  • No hip straps
  • Nearly 32 pounds with batteries

Greenworks 82V Backpack Blower Price

You can purchase the BB361 as a kit for $1,499.99. It includes the tool, two 8.0Ah batteries, and a dual-port charger.

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