HART 40V Brushless 26-Inch Hedge Trimmer

HART 40V Brushless 26-inch Hedge Trimmer

HART Gives Its Hedge Trimmer Lineup the Brushless Boost HART has made big headway in the lawn and garden equipment market, particularly since taking over the tool section at Walmart. And it’s the HART 40V brushless 26-inch hedge trimmer that currently sits at the top of their OPE lineup. Does that mean it’s worthy of […]

Husqvarna W520i

Husqvarna W520i 40V Self-Propelled Mower

Husqvarna’s W520i Combines Commercial Performance and Battery Power To say the least, gas prices are high, so it’s not surprising that more lawn care Pros are making the jump to electric OPE every year. With good reason, too, since today’s battery-powered solutions are either as good or better than their gas counterparts. And because we’re […]

bermuda grass

What does Bermuda Grass look like and how to manage it?

Of the vast number of grass types in existence, Bermuda grass is a rather strange breed. Despite its name, it’s actually native to Africa, which explains its incredible tolerance for hot weather. This grass can be a real challenge to identify, has specific maintenance needs, and often falls within homeowners’ “most unwanted” category. That said, […]

Stihl forestry helmet system

Stihl Forestry Helmet System

Three-in-One Protection for You and Your Crew The woods can be a dangerous place, and that’s not some poorly timed Halloween tagline, either. It’s an occupational reality, which is why Stihl’s line of outdoor equipment products includes gear like the Stihl Forestry Helmet System. Designed for arborists and loggers, this single unit helps protect the […]

ant close-up

How to Get Rid of Ants

A Guide for Your Yard and Home Even though ants play a critical role in the environment, they are annoying pests in your yard. It’s even worse when they move indoors. If this happens, you know it’s time to learn how to get rid of ants. The Importance of Ant Control for a Comfortable Living […]

Honda HRC Push Mower

Honda HRC Push Mower

Commercial Performance and Push Mower Simplicity Combined If you’re looking for a commercial-grade mower that’s push rather than self-propelled, you probably already know that the pickings are slim. Sure, in places where you can’t use your ride-on mower, the self-propelled models offer convenience and require less energy to operate. But there are still those landscapers […]

Bahia Grass

Bahia Grass — What It Is and How to Get Rid of It

Also known as Paspalum notatum, Bahia grass is a warm-season turfgrass usually found in the southern United States. You will mostly find it in Florida, Texas, and the Gulf Coast states. This grass is known for its hardiness and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for lawns, parks, and sports fields. Nevertheless, […]

how to get rid of groundhogs

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs: Understanding Groundhog Behavior and Protecting Your Yard

Groundhogs are famous for predicting the weather , but they’re really good at digging. These varmints are so destructive they can quickly ruin your garden or lawn. Learn how to get rid of groundhogs by understanding their behaviors and how to remove them from your property. Groundhog Behavior: Why They’re So Hard to Get Rid […]