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Bobcat Reveals Gas UTV Models for 2020

Bobcat Offers Gas Options on Side by Side UTVs

In addition to the popular UV34 and UV34XL diesel UTV models, Bobcat now offers a gas option for these side-by-side UTV models. Bobcat says that the new models offer the same comfort, dependability, and performance as the diesel models, but with the added convenience of gasoline.

10-Second Summary

• Bobcat UV34 Gas and UV34XL Gas
• Impressive ground clearance, agility, and power
• Improved suspension system contributes to payload and towing
• Dozens of cab configurations and accessories available
• XL models offer 6-seat cabs
• Starting at $14,300


Bobcat Gas UTV Highlights

Both Bobcat gas UTV models feature a 39.9 hp, 1,000cc two-cylinder SOHC engine that delivers power, reliability, and convenience. A 900-watt stator provides 75 amps of output for use with electric-powered accessories, like the snow blade. The electronic fuel injection offers reliable startup in all seasons.

Both models feature three selectable drive modes. Single-wheel drive protects grass and finished surfaces. Two-wheel mode provides power to both rear wheels, and all-wheel drive will give you the best traction.

Both models feature a large cargo box made of durable composite. The box on the UV34 can tackle up to 1,250 lbs of materials or supplies. It includes multiple tie-downs and standard lift assist with a single latch tailgate.

Bobcat has also increased the tow rating of both models by 25%. With a trailer hitch tongue weight rating of 250 lbs, you can pull up to 2,500 lbs with confidence.

The Bobcat UV34 Gas and UV34XL Gas UTVs offer convenient service access, improved ground clearance, and common-sized tires and wheels. Dozens of cab configuration and accessory options are available as well, so you can customize your UTV to your specific tasks. The UV34XL offers seating for up to six people.



The Bobcat Gas UV34 and UV34XL models are available now from your nearest Bobcat dealership. The UV34 model starts at $14,300, while the larger UV34XL model starts at $16,400.

Of course, you still have the option of going diesel with these side-by-side UTVs. The UV34 diesel starts at $16,400, while the UV34XL diesel starts at $17,900.

For more information about the Bobcat Gas and Diesel UTVs, including dealership locations, visit Bobcat.com by clicking here .

Bobcat Gas UTV Specs

  • Model: Bobcat UV34 Gas
    • Operating Weight: 1,855 lbs
    • Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity: 1,250 lbs.
    • Turning Radius: 120 in.
    • Max Travel Speed: 35 mph
    • Total Vehicle Rated Capacity: 1,900 lbs.
    • MSRP: Starts at $14,300
  • Model: Bobcat UV34XL Gas
    • Operating Weight: 2,085 lbs.
    • Cargo Box Load Capacity: n/a
    • Turning Radius: 168 in.
    • Max Travel Speed: 35 mph
    • Total Vehicle Rated Capacity: 4,475 lbs
    • MSRP: Starts at $16,400
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