DeWalt FlexVolt Leaf Blower

dewalt flexvolt leaf blower

Especially with gas prices what they are, cordless outdoor power equipment has exploded in popularity. You can kick the fuel can to the curb, get plenty of power, and you don’t stink like you do when working with a 2-stroke engine. One tool bringing voltage to the market is the 60V DeWalt FlexVolt Leaf Blower (DCBL772).

Here’s a rundown of its performance and design.

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DeWalt FlexVolt Leaf Blower Performance

dewalt DCBL772

Powering this blower is a brushless motor paired with a 60V (3.0Ah) battery. This duo generates a respectable blowing force of 600 CFM and 125 mph. Additionally, it registered 17.0 Newtons in our tests, and, according to DeWalt, should provide about 84-minute runtimes on low using a 9.0Ah battery (not included with the kit).


  • Model: DeWalt DCBL772
  • Battery: 60V (3.0Ah)
  • Brushless motor
  • Blowing force: 600 CFM, 125 mph
  • Newtons: 17
  • Weight: 9 lbs

While the velocity isn’t all that high, the CFMs are pretty solid. That’s largely due to the DeWalt FlexVolt leaf blower’s axial fan. This design is low resistance, yet it produces high air volume–hence its elevated CFMs.

On cordless blowers, we prefer axial fans. For one, we like CFM performance more than speed, and axials normally give you that. Moreover, their open design means they don’t have to work as hard as centrifugal units, which ultimately results in longer runtimes.

If there’s a chink in the armor, it’s the noise level–91 decibels is kind of loud.

Something else we like to see is a variable speed trigger and a cruise function, which gives you more control and the option to take your finger off the trigger during long work sessions.

DeWalt FlexVolt Leaf Blower Design

dewalt 60v flexvolt leaf blower

The DeWalt FlexVolt leaf blower has a straight, inline design with a 5.5-inch angled handle.

Furthermore, it weighs 9 pounds with the 60V (3.0Ah) battery attached. Incidentally, this is about 2 pounds lighter than similar (yet more powerful) models we’ve reviewed.

DeWalt DCBL772 Price

Finally, the DeWalt FlexVolt leaf blower retails for $329 and comes with a 60V (3.0Ah) battery and charger. They offer a 3-year warranty and 1 year of free service upon registration .

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