ECHO 56V Top-Handle Chainsaw DCS-2500T

Echo cordless top-handle chainsaw

The Echo X-Series DCS-2500T Lets You Climb With High Performance And Less Weight

We’ve enjoyed seeing the progression of battery-powered chainsaws from their humble beginnings. Nowadays, both homeowners and Pros can easily find one that suits their needs. We’re seeing legitimate professional-grade top-handle models putting up competition for the gas-powered market, including the Echo top-handle chainsaw (DCS-2500T).

Echo 56V Cordless X-Series Top-Handle Chainsaw Design

Echo chainsaw
  • Brushless motor
  • 12-inch bar length
  • 0.050-inch x 3/8-inch low profile
  • MaxOut performance technology
  • 7.3 pounds with battery
  • Metal bucking spikes
  • Chain brake
  • Automatic oiler
  • Single bar stud
  • Quickdraw harness ring and integrated lanyard hook
  • Internal debris screen protects motor and electronics

Being a pro-targeted arborists’ chainsaw, we expect this model to feature a brushless motor. Echo takes it a step further by using its MaxOutput performance to get the most out of the battery/motor combination. Considering the kit includes a compact 2.5Ah battery to keep the tool lightweight, getting the most out of this combination is an important factor.

Echo offers a bar length of 12 inches for this chainsaw, which works just fine for a saw in this class. The brand focused on weight reduction in the design, and the bar size helps accomplish that goal. However, it’s important to note that Echo gave this chainsaw a beefier 0.050-inch chain gauge, which it’s able to use thanks to the DCS-2500T’s performance level.

Echo also ensures you have all of the necessary equipment compatibility for working at height, with an integrated tether hook and quick draw harness ring in the package.

Echo 56V Cordless X-Series Top-Handle Chainsaw Price

  • $479.99 bare
  • $569.99 kit with 2.5Ah battery and standard charger
  • 5-year consumer warranty/2-year commercial warranty

The Echo DCS-2500T retails for $479.99 as a bare tool. You can pick it up in a kit with a 2.5Ah battery and charger for $569.99.

If you need faster charging, Echo also has an available rapid charger that takes the total charge time from 75 minutes down to 38 minutes for the 2.5Ah battery.

Check out Echo’s entire 56V eForce lineup by clicking here .

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