EGO 56V 18-Inch Battery-Powered Misting Fan | New for 2022

EGO Helps You Chill Out With 56V Battery-Powered Misting Fan

Jobsite fans are a great way to use the batteries you already have to make hot days more bearable. Most of them could use a little help in the CFM department, though. The EGO 18-inch battery-powered misting fan takes the cordless fan concept to a whole new level.

EGO 56V 18-Inch Battery-Powered Misting Fan | The Big Deal

As a completely new product, the fact that EGO has a battery-powered fan is a big deal all by itself. However, it’s much more than just a battery spinning a set of blades.

EGO’s five sleek blades are able to deliver up to 5,000 CFM at 20 MPH, which is a crazy amount of airflow compared to other cordless fans. Five speed settings help you dial in exactly how much air you need.

There are also a pair of misting modes that make use of the four nozzles spread out around the frame. You can use the siphon hose that’s in the package and stick it in a bucket or a garden hose for water source options.

We like that EGO built wheels and a telescoping handle into the design. The fan is large for a battery-powered model and it’s nice that you don’t have to pick the whole thing up and carry it, especially if you’re using a high-capacity battery.

Additional Features

  • 68 decibels in low
  • 225° pivoting
  • Up to 50 hours of runtime with a 5.0Ah battery on low speed
  • Comptible with all EGO 56V batteries

EGO 56V 18-Inch Battery-Powered Misting Fan Price

Look for the fan online and in-store in Spring 2022. It’s available as a bare tool only for $249.99 and comes with EGO’s 5-year warranty.


  • Model: EGO FN1800
  • Power Source: EGO 56V battery
  • Blade Speed: 50 – 1750 RPM
  • Max Airflow: 5000 CFM
  • Max Airspeed: 20 MPH
  • Price: $249.99
  • Warranty: 5 years

Check out EGO’s entire 56V line of lawn care and lifestyle products by clicking here .

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