Hart 40V 16-inch Chainsaw Review

HART 40V battery-powered 16-inch chainsaw review

We like this Hart Tools 40V 16-inch chainsaw for its enhanced power and speed

On just the 40V platform, Hart has 5 chainsaws ranging from 8-inches to 16-inches in bar length. That doesn’t include their pole saw. We wanted to review the Hart HLCS021 40V 16-inch chainsaw as it sits at the top of their current line of saws. Our goal was simple: Find out if this 16-inch chain saw measures up to, or surpasses, the other saws in terms of cutting capacity and speed.


  • Cuts more quickly and with more power than other HART chainsaws
  • Plastic storage case
  • On-board wrench storage!!!
  • Dual-studs on chainsaw bar


  • Plastic bucking spikes
  • Prone to leaking chain oil (like most saws)

HART 40V 16-inch Chainsaw Ergonomics

This Hart Tools HLCS021 16-inch chainsaw measures 33.75 inches in length. Hart worked well with that length, spacing out the front and rear handles so that you can get a good grip on the tool. This helps when leveraging a cut—particularly into larger-diameter trees.

HART 40V battery-powered 16-inch chainsaw cutting

The tool itself weighs just over 10 pounds. Add a 4 Ah battery and you get up to 13 pounds which we find about average for a 16-inch battery-powered saw. For reference, the gas-powered Ryobi RY3716 weighs about 17.3 pounds once you fill up its 20-ounce tank with gasoline.

The tool balances very well with the recommended 4 Ah battery. Since inserts from the side, however, we wonder if future batteries might not cause some potential issues.

Hart HLCS021 Chain Tensioning

While tool-free tensioners might seem nice, you never find them on pro-level saws. Why? They loosen up far more easily than manual dual-stud chain tensioners. We were surprised to see Hart Tools go with a more professional design—but they did!

Hart HLCS021 dual retaining nuts

Even better, Hart provides a place underneath the rear handle for storing the included scrench. That lets you easily grab it for quick chain tensioning without having to go back to the case, your truck, the shed, or wherever you keep your wrenches.

We found it easy to adjust the chain. You loosen the bar nuts about 1/4 turn. This lets you flip the scrench around and use the slotted end to turn the adjustment screw left or right. After that, pop that scrench back into the handle and get back to work!

Other Notable Hart 16-inch Chainsaw Features

Variable Speed Trigger

Most battery-powered chainsaws have a fixed-speed trigger. Hart chose to make their saw variable speed. We don’t find many uses for this, but perhaps you can let us know how you might use this feature in the comments below.

Rugged Plastic Carrying Case

Chainsaws—both gas and battery-powered leak chain oil. They just do. The fact that Hart Tools included a hard plastic carrying case for this saw makes it an even better value. The case helps with both long-term storage and moving the saw to and from your shop or truck.

plastic chain saw storage box
We love this case—it helps keep our shop and truck from getting covered in chain oil.

Additional Features

  • Translucent oil reservoir window
  • Electronic chain brake (brushless motor)
  • Trigger safety

HART HLCS02140V 40V 16-inch Chainsaw Performance

As we mentioned earlier, Hart Tools makes an 8-inch, 10-in, 12-in, 14-inch, and 16-inch cordless chainsaw. All of them use the Hart 40V battery for power. We definitely feel that the 16-inch Hart chainsaw represents the best solution for homeowner use. We like it for cleaning up after storms and for maintaining trees and as-needed climbing. You can find larger/longer cordless chainsaws, but as a homeowner, you likely don’t need anything bigger than this tool.

Hart HLCS021 cutting small tree

Eli Mosley , our friend and resident rancher, helped us test this saw. He needed to clear out some smaller trees at a ranch in Polk County, Florida. Since we have tested previous Hart models (and competitors) at the same location, it provided a great place to test this saw.

The brushless motor on the Hart HLCS021 did a great job maintaining the chain speed while it cut. This proved true as we used it to fell 6-inch trees. It also maintained power and speed while removing the limbs from those trees once we got them down. We found the saw could also handle sawing through the tree to section it out into usable firewood.

HART 40V battery-powered chainsaw

We also made some test cuts in thicker trunks. The HLCS021 cuts faster and with more confidence than the Hart’s other battery-powered chainsaws. Overall, we found this 16-inch chainsaw easy to control—even when using the plastic bucking spikes as a pivot point to lever the bar into trees for thicker cuts. It also doesn’t hurt that the saw weighs less than you might expect for something that cuts this well.

We would like to see metal bucking spikes instead of plastic. While Hart Tools doesn’t promote this as a professional saw, we simply find those more useful in a variety of situations. Since this saw has the power to tackle medium-diameter trees, having a bit more bite could help.

HART 40V 16-inch Chainsaw Price

The Hart HLCS021 chainsaw kit retails for $246. It includes a 4.0Ah battery, charger, scrench, and that excellent hard plastic storage box. HART warranties the chainsaw for 3 years.

The Bottom Line

We can’t stress how much brushless motor technology helps tools like this to perform on par with smaller gas chainsaws. The newest Hart 40V outdoor power tools—including this 16-inch brushless chainsaw—dramatically improve their first-generation products. This chainsaw has more power and speed than the 14-inch and 12-inch models. That lets homeowners take on more projects and tasks without having to reach for a larger saw. If you have yet to pick up a Hart chainsaw, this 16-inch HLCS021 should give you a truly well-rounded tool.

HART 40V 16-Inch Chainsaw Specifications

  • Model: Hart HLCS021
  • Power Source: Hart 40V battery
  • Bar Length: 16 in.
  • Oil Capacity: 6oz.
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8 in.
  • Chain Gauge: 0.50
  • Weight: 10.2 lbs (bare), 13.0 lbs (with 4.0Ah battery)
  • Overall Length: 33.75 in.
  • Height: 10 in.
  • Warranty: 3-year
  • Price: $246 (kit)

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