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Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Lawnmower Preview

The G1-RM10 Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Mower has been under development for over 3 years. That’s right, this is a cordless riding mower. The 36V battery-powered riding lawn mower delivers up to three hours of continuous cutting and driving – and all this without gas, oil, or emissions. What’s really impressive is that the mower sports a fairly compact size, easy maneuverability, adjustable cutting height, and a large (3 bushel) grass catcher. The Recharge Mower seems perfectly suited for just about every lawn. On top of that, it’s actually pretty ergonomic, so it’s also great for those who may have physical disabilities (it has an easy-access seat). Now the people behind the Recharge Mower wee going for the “truly” green mower. The Recharge uses three eco-friendly electric motors and, of course, it emits absolutely no carbon emissions.


Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Mower Features

How It Works

The mower is simple to operate and uses hand controls. Even the included bagger detaches easily and without any tools, so you can empty it quickly and get back to mowing. The Recharge Mower features a 27-inch wide cutting path thanks to twin cutting blades. That’s bigger than conventional walk-behind mowers, but small enough that you can squeeze it through the average fence gate. Those with divided front and back yards are going to appreciate this. The mower is rear-wheel-drive and the powerful electric motor provides plenty of power in both forward and reverse.

As for charging up the batteries, that is possible through the use of any standard 110V outlet. Driven By Solar Inc. recommends that you charge the unit overnight, and it will be ready to mow the next morning – up to three hours per charge, which shoudl be plenty of time for most yards.

But how strong is it? Well, the Recharge Mower uses two long-life, 900W electric motors to spin the twin cutting blades at 3,800 RPM. There are also 5 adjustable cutting heights which vary from 3/4″ to 2-3/4″ in 1/2-inch increments. Check out the undercarriage – which reveals the mower’s simplicity of design:

Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Lawnmower

Safety Third

Lots of people say ‘safety first’. It sounds good, but it’s not the reality of things. No, safety is important, but it comes behind things like, well, just getting the job done. Still, the Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Mower looks to have paid lots of attention to safety. It has lots of features like an operator-presence switch prevents the unit from functioning when the operator leaves the seat. There is also a blade engagement switch requiring 2 actions to initiate the activation of the blade. Also, reverse speed limiting means the mower will only operate at half the normal forward speed while in reverse. I think the best safety feature this mower comes with, however, is one that isn’t advertised all that much – it’s quiet. While most gas-powered mowers can literally cause hearing damage over time, though probably not in casual consumer-use settings, the Recharge Riding Mower is very quiet, with only the cutting action and tire noise giving it away.


Build Quality

The Recharge Mower has a body that is fitted over a coated and welded metal frame. The three sealed 36V 38Ah batteries are center-mounted so that they balance and weight distribution of the mower. The cutting blades are housed within the metal shrouded deck for extra protection against wear and tear.

What else did they do? Well, all of the Recharge Mower’s connections are tight and weatherproofed with – oddly enough – shrink wrap. The electronic components are safely positioned and shielded under the operator seat to prevent damage. The Recharge Mower conforms to UL1447 and ANSI B71.1 standards and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box

Mower with three sealed batteries; grass catcher; charger; and operator’s manual.

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