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New Toro Super Recycler Mowers

Advanced Mulching is the Star of the Toro Super Recycler Show

Sometimes, we want it all. For instance, I’d really like a healthier, thicker lawn, but I definitely don’t want to spend time or energy spreading fertilizer. Basically, I want a pretty lawn without having to really work at it. This is where the Toro Super Recycler line of mowers really appeals to me. It features an advanced mulching technology that cuts down on the need to water your lawn or use fertilizers.


What is the Super Recycler System?

The Super Recycler system revolves around what’s going on under the cast aluminum deck. It features a uniquely designed cutting blade, a clipping accelerator, and kickers that all work together to keep clippings suspended and circulating in the air. The clippings then get cut into a super fine mulch that, as it gets redistributed across the lawn, easily and quickly breaks down into nutrients for your soil.


But incredible mulching isn’t the only thing that that Toro Super Recycler mowers do right. Toro ramps up the durability on these mowers with a rust-proof finish on the deck, semi-pneumatic tires, wheel pivots, greaseable rear pivot arms, and commercial wheel clutches.

The Toro Super Recycler mowers feature a Flex Handle suspension system designed to reduce bumping and jostling at the handle. The brand’s Personal Pace Self-Propel System gives you responsive control over your mowing speed up to 4.8 mph. Some models even include an electric start, the Blade Stop Protection System, and SmartStow, which allows you to fold over the handle and store the mower vertically.


Peace of Mind

Toro built this lineup to deliver reliable power over a number of years. You can rest assured that the Super Recycler line of mowers will be in it for the long haul, as evidenced by Toro’s 5-Year Guaranteed to Start Warranty. And, in case you do ever encounter a problem with the mower, Toro has nearly 4,000 servicing dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about these mowers, or how to find your local Toro dealer, visit Toro.com .

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