Altoz TRX Zero Turn Mower – A Tracked ZTR!

Altoz TRX Zero Turn Mower – A Tracked ZTR

PTIA 2016 WinnerThere’s a reason some military equipment and a lot of heavy excavating machinery boast tracks instead of wheels – tracks can adeptly and securely navigate rough, slippery, off-camber, and uneven terrain. Altoz certainly had that in mind when it designed the Altoz TRX zero turn mower — the industry’s first mower of its kind – for lawn care professionals, utility companies, and municipalities.

Tire Tracks

Altoz TRX Zero Turn Mower

The Altoz TRX zero turn mower’s patent-pending technology includes 11-inch wide rear-mounted tracks and a torsional suspension system that Altoz claims can grip the terrain without ripping it up or digging ruts. Altoz matched the rear torsional suspension with its TorqFlex front suspension. The mower’s track and flat-free front tires, attached with fork castors with heavy-duty 1-1/4-inch tapered roller bearings, eliminate potential tire damage even at the 10mph top speed.

The chassis is designed with c-channel frame rails with formed, laser-cut, and welded heavy gauge steel. The operator controls the TRX with two levers similar to those found on other zero turn mowers.

“We think the TRX is truly an unprecedented product for the power equipment industry. The TRX’s unique combination of traction, stability and low ground pressure with durability, power and handling will make it a valuable asset for municipalities, utility companies, lawn professionals, golf courses and general contractors concerned about safety while tackling a wide range of conditions and terrain.”

– Dennis Brazier,  Altoz CEO/Founder

On Deck

The TRX Aero Deck cutting system includes options of a 61-inch Kohler Command Pro EFI 33 hp engine or 66-inch Vanguard EFI 37 hp engines with finish cut or rough cut decks. Fuel injection is avaiable, too. Both options feature the Hydro-Gear ZT5400 dual-range cool-running transmission. The deep-deck design has adjustable baffles with standard Altoz high-lift blades. Other notable features include a 14-gallon fuel capacity in twin fuel tanks, a 12V accessory power outlet, device storage compartment, and a suspension seat that provides adjustments for tilt, armrest height, lumbar support, the operator’s weight, and fore and aft positions.

The Altoz TRX zero turn mower recently received a 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) , which recognizes best-in-class products for their level of innovation, power, and value.

The TRX starts at $18,599  and will ship to Altoz dealers in early Spring of 2017. The entire line of Altoz zero-turn-mowers are designed and manufactured in the United States. For more information, visit .

Altoz TRX Zero Turn Mower Features

  • Engine Options: Kohler Command Pro EFI 33 hp or Vanguard™ EFI 37 hp
  • Finish Cut or Rough Cut Mower Deck with 61 or 66-inch Width Options
  • Commercial Twin Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Transmissions, High/Low Range
  • TorqFlex Front Suspension
  • 11-inch Wide Track
  • 15” Flat-Free Front Tires
  • 14-Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 12-Way Adjustable High-Back Seat with Suspension
  • 250 ft-lb Clutch

Our Take

It seems fairly obvious that putting tracks on a commercial mower would help eliminate traction issues, particularly in wet terrain, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that it would tear up the ground. After all, the lasting image of a WWII tank ripping through the European countryside is hard to forget.

But the Altoz TRX Zero Turn Mower isn’t a tank – it’s nowhere near the weight and designers know it has to cut grass without leaving a lasting impression in the turf. Altoz seems to have nailed the design in their industry-first tracked mower. Certainly there may be some tweaks as it enters the market, but what we’d also like to see is whether the design might follow from their premium mower to some of the mid-range designs.

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