Makita Direct Repair Service – Everything You Need To Know

Makita Direct Repair Service Gives Users More Convenience and Less Downtime

Regular usage on the jobsite will test the limits of even the most durable tools. Sometimes, those tools require repairs or servicing. That’s why Makita is committed to fast after-sale service, as evidenced by their new Direct Repair online program. Makita has designed the Direct Repair program to offer you more convenience with less downtime, and with free turnaround shipping.

To celebrate the launch of the service, Makita is offering free labor through the end of this month. With free roundtrip shipping and free labor, you’ll only pay the cost of replacement parts when applicable.

What Makita Has To Say About The Direct Repair Service

After-market service has been a point of focus since the company was founded. Direct Repair provides our customers with easy access to Makita Factory Service Centers for fast and efficient service. Makita’s industry-leading turn time on repairs coupled with no cost direct shipping ensures tools are quickly back on the job with minimal downtime and expense.

Mark Cox, national service manager, Makita U.S.A., Inc

What’s the Big Deal?

The Makita Direct Repair Online Program is powered by a new online app that offers you a 24/7 solution for processing repair requests and printing shipping labels.

Once you’ve packaged and labeled your tool, you can drop off the tool at one of the 8,400+ authorized FedEx Shipping Centers around the country. FedEx will ship your tool directly to a Makita Factory Service Center where Makita Service Center Technicians will use genuine Makita parts to repair your tool.

Makita tells us that most tool repairs are completed within 3 business days for minimal downtime. Through the Makita Direct Repair app, you can check the status of the repair anytime. You can even opt to receive notifications about the servicing or repair of your tool.

When Makita has finished with the tool repairs, they ship the tool from the Service Center back to you directly. You won’t need to go anywhere to pick it up.

Makita does stipulate that the item shipped cannot exceed 100 lbs. and must not measure greater than 108″ in length or 165″ in length plus girth (L+2W+2H). Packages that exceed these specs will need to be brought directly to a Makita Factory Service Center. To locate your nearest Factory Service Center, click here .

What About Warranties?

If your tool is still under warranty, you can use the Makita Direct Repair service to have your tool repaired at no cost.

For repairs not covered under warranty, you may use the Makita Direct Repair app to request an estimate prior to repair. When you authorize the repair, Makita will proceed with the service. After service department has completed the repair, they will inform you of the actual cost. At this point, Makita will collect payment for the services rendered and ship the tool directly back to you.

How Can I Take Advantage of the Makita Repair Service?

You can access the new Makita Direct Repair app by heading to . You’ll need to register an online account. From there, you can find shipping instructions, the model number of your tool, and the answers to any further questions you might have.

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