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Show Your School Spirit with Exmark Gamechanger Promotion

Exmark Gamechanger Sales Event Going on Now Through May 31

If you really get into college sports – I mean, like, REALLY get into college sports – and you’d like to support your team while mowing like a champ, Exmark has a new promotion that’s running now through May 31. You can now customize your Exmark Laser Z or Radius mower when you upgrade to a limited edition, collegiate full-suspension seat.

10-Second Summary

  • Exmark Gamechanger Sales Event Runs now through May 31
  • Upgrade to one of 30+ limited edition collegiate full-suspension seats
  • $299 when you purchase select Exmark Laser Z or Radius mowers
  • $999 value


Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits, a Dollar, All for Florida Gator Full Suspension Seats, Stand Up and Holler

That’s right. You can now trick out your Exmark mower with a classy Florida Gators full suspension seat. Not only will you feel good riding around on a hyper cushioned seat that laughs at bumps and ruts in the yard, but you’ll look good too.

But, if looking good isn’t really your thing, Exmark offers 30+ options for other, inferior college teams. You can choose a seat that reps Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Noth Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Penn State, Purdue, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, or Wisconsin.

Exmark Gamechanger

So, what exactly is the Exmark Gamechanger promotion? Well, when you buy a Laser Z or Radius model mower, you can choose to upgrade to the fully branded full suspension seat for $299. Exmark values this seat upgrade at $999, so you’re getting a pretty sweet upgrade for relatively cheap.


The Exmark Gamechanger Promotion is going on right now. But, don’t dilly dally with getting your upgraded Exmark, cause this promotion will end on the 31st.

To learn more about the Exmark Gamechanger Promotion, check out Exmark here.

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