RedMax SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 Articulating Hedge Trimmers

RedMax SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 Articulating Hedge Trimmers

RTZ235 Articulating Hedge Trimmers Boost Speed & Ergonomics

Having already reviewed the RedMax SRTZ230 articulating hedge trimmer, we perked up when the upgraded models hit our inbox. RedMax makes commercial-grade outdoor power equipment, and the SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 articulating hedge trimmers round out their top-end products. Available in both short- and long-reach configurations, these lightweight trimmers give you reach without the strain. They also include a longer blade length than earlier models for trimming those hard-to-reach areas. Are they worth the upgrade? Read on.

RedMax SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 Articulating Hedge Trimmers: The Big Deal

Both RedMax articulating hedge trimmers include a 24-inch blade. The extended length gives lawn maintenance pros the ability to cut a lot more in a single pass—cutting back on overall trigger time. The extendible reach lets the 8500 rpm blades reach over and below hedges and shrubs without a ladder or having to bend down.

RedMax LRTZ235 Articulating Hedge Trimmer

The RedMax SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 trimmers include ten locking positions for the angle of the head. It makes it super-easy to change the angle of the blade, letting you cut exactly where needed on hedges, shrubs, and bushes. You can even use it to top groundcover like vines to encourage more density and regrowth.

“Pro users who run the SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 will find the trimmers are lightweight, extremely versatile and offer large fuel capacity for more runtime in between refueling. Durability, as well as speed and ease of use, helps us elevate RedMax trimmers above the competition and improve the user experience for our customers.”

Jack Easterly, Product Manager at RedMax

Both the SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 hedge trimmers come with large 21.6 fl. oz plastic fuel tanks. That matches the SRTZ230 and ensures ample runtime. A commercial gearbox on the head lets you quickly adjust the angle without the use of tools. RedMax also gives you easy-to-access grease fittings for periodic lubrication.

articulated trimmer blade

For easy transport, you can fold the articulating head on these trimmers all the way to 0 degrees.

RedMax SRTZ235 vs SRTZ230 Articulating Hedge Trimmer

Cutting Speed4400 cut/min4400 cut/min2750 cut/min
Power0.94 HP0.94 HP0.94 HP
Blade Length24 in.24 in.19.3 in.
Fuel Tank21.64 fl oz21.64 fl oz21.64 fl oz

Additional Features

  • 3000 RPM idle speed
  • Displacement: 22.5 cc
  • Power: 0.9 4HP
  • Vibration (front/rear handle): 6.1/5.6 m/s2

Pricing and Availability

You can find and purchase the SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 at local RedMax dealerships. Check out more information here or at

[KEYWORD] Specifications

  • Knife length: 24 in.
  • Idle speed: 3000 RPM
  • Max speed: 8000 RPM
  • Cutting speed: 4400 cuts/minute
  • Fuel tank: 21.64 fl. oz.
  • Displacement: 22.5 cc
  • Power: 0.9 4HP
  • Spark plug: NGK BPMR8Y (.03 in. gap)
  • LRTZ235 Vibration (front/rear handle): 6.1/5.6 m/s2
  • SRTZ235 Vibration (front/rear handle): 9.3/11.2 m/s2

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