HART 40V Hedge Trimmer: Solid Features, Trim Price

HART 40v hedge trimmer

Getting a solid, reliable piece of equipment doesn’t always mean you have to spend a lot of money. For one, it’s wise to step back and assess your needs. What tasks do I have to tackle? How demanding are they? And, based on these factors, what features do I need and want? Answering these questions may lead those with small- or mid-sized properties to consider gear like the 24-inch HART 40V Hedge Trimmer.

Let’s take a closer look at the design and features that landed this model on our Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews list.

HART 40V Hedge Trimmer Features and Design

HART 24-inch cordless hedge trimmer

If you’re in search of a hedge trimmer to maintain shrubs in your gardens and around patios and walkways, the HART 40V model has a lot to offer. What’s more, it won’t break the bank.

While this tool doesn’t have a brushless motor, it’s still got a surprising amount of power, fueled by a 40V 2.5Ah battery.

Regarding cutting, the HLHT011VNM has blade speeds of up to 3,200 strokes per minute. And that puts this model neatly within the realm of respectable hedge trimmer performance specs.


  • Model: HART HLHT011VNM
  • Brushed motor
  • 40V, 2.5Ah battery
  • Bar length: 24-inches
  • Cutting speed: 3,200 spm

Additionally, this cutting system uses Dual Action Blades, which HART says will reduce vibration, thus, minimizing operator fatigue.


Another feature that helps with comfort and ergonomics is the adjustable grip. The HART 40V hedge trimmer’s handle offers 180 degrees of rotation to enable the user to trim at all angles for more precise cuts.

Furthermore, length likely won’t be a problem with this tool, either. Especially if you’re tending to standalone shrubs or accessible hedge lines, the 24-inch bar should give you plenty of reach for productive work sessions.

HART 40V Hedge Trimmer Price

The HART 24-inch cordless hedge trimmer retails for $158 and has a 5-year limited warranty.

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