Toro Walk-Behind String Mower and 10-Inch Cultivator

Toro Walk-Behind String Trimmer and Cultivator

Toro To Enter Chore Equipment Space with Walk-Behind String Trimmer and 10″ Cultivator

Come August, Toro has two products kicking off their entry into the chore market space, the Walk-Behind String Trimmer and 10″ Cultivator. Both products offer Toro customers some specialized lawn care and gardening solutions; the Toro Walk-Behind String Trimmer offers the ease and efficiency needed for jobs that mowers and string trimmers can’t provide, while the 10″ Cultivator creates optimal soil conditions for gardening by weeding, mixing, and aerating soil.

Toro on the Walk-Behind String Trimmer and 10″ Cultivator

Toro is thrilled to be entering the chore equipment space in a really big way, and these products are just the beginning of what’s to come. These workhorse products are designed to offer easy solutions to difficult chores. Toro is excited to provide homeowners even more opportunities to make the most of their yard — and garden — with these two new rugged and reliable product offerings.

Tom Werner, Senior Marketing Manager at Toro

Tools For Lawn and Gardening Chores

The Toro Walk-Behind String Trimmer occupies a space somewhere in between your mower and your standard string trimmer. Rather than carrying it around the yard, this tool lets you push a string trimmer cutting head through grass, thick brush, weeds, nettles, and other overgrowth. It has a streamlined profile that lets it go where your mower can’t, and it will save you some back strain in the process.

Toro claims that the 10″ Cultivator comes with one of the most powerful cultivator engines on the market, a 43cc 2-cycle engine. This gives you the muscle to break through just about any soil type, especially dense soil with clay deposits.


You can expect the Toro Walk-Behind String Trimmer and 10″ Cultivator to hit stores in early August. These releases should precede an extended lineup of chore offerings scheduled for release later in 2021. Toro is also offering 5-year limited warranties with all of the tools in this lineup.

At this point, Toro hasn’t released any more details than that. We’re still waiting to learn more, including the specs and pricing information, and we’ll update this article as we learn more.

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