March 3, 2021

Toro Z Master 2000 Series Zero Turn Mowers

Toro Z Master 2000 Series

Commercial Performance at a Value

Professional lawn contractors now have a variety of options in the Toro line that can get the job done without spending all of last season’s profits. Toro claims that the Z Master 2000 Series provides Pro performance, reliability, and efficiency at an unbeatable value.

Toro Z Master 2000 Series

• 8 models to choose from
• Deck sizes range from 48″ to 60″
• Toro and Kawasaki engines available; 23.5 hp and 24.5 hp options
• 18,500 ft/min blade tip speed
• MyRide Suspension System (select models)
• 7/10-gauge Turbo Force steel deck and fully tubular frame
• Donaldson canister-style air filter
• 24″ rear tires
• LED headlight
• Easy access to belts via liftable floor pan
• Warranty: 4-year/750-hour


The Toro Z Master 2000 Series Zero Turn Mowers include 8 models that range from 48″ to 60″ cutting decks. You have the option of a 24.5 hp Toro with HDAC motor or Kawasaki FX 23.5 hp engine. At a top speed of 10 or 11 mph (depending on the engine), these mowers can tackle between 4.6 to 6.1 acres per hour.

Toro Z Master 2000 Series

With the inclusion of the Turbo Force deck, Toro supplies your accounts with a beautiful cut every time.

The line also includes models that feature Toro’s MyRide suspension. Operating similarly to the way an air ride cab functions, this optional suspension system keeps you from feeling the jostling effects of riding quickly over uneven terrain.

Aside from the choices you’ll have to make about engines, deck sizes, and suspension systems, the Toro Z Master 2000 Series keeps pretty consistent, feature-wise, across the line.

Toro Z Master 2000 Series

Toro wanted durability as one of the hallmark characteristics across the Z Master 2000 Series. So, they opted for using a fully tubular steel frame, as well as a 7/10-gauge steel cutting deck with bullnose bumper.

All of the mowers in the line feature Donaldson canister-style air filter to protect the mower in even the dustiest conditions. A fold-up floor pan gives you easy access to the belts. A deck step plate keeps your footing secure while getting on and off the mower. The Z Masters also all include 24″ rear tires for easier curb clearance and less pressure on your lawns. An LED headlights keeps your path visible.

Finally, Toro backs up the quality of their work with a 4-year, 750-hour warranty.

To learn more about the Toro Z Master 2000 Series, including where to find your Toro dealer, click here .

Toro Z Master 2000 Series

  • 74490 – 2000 Series 48″ 24.5 HP 708cc: $5699
  • 74491 – 2000 Series 52″ 24.5 HP 708cc: $6199
  • 74492 – 2000 Series 60″ 24.5 HP 708cc: $6699
  • 74493 – 2000 Series MyRide HDX 52″ 24.5 HP 708cc: $7699
  • 74494 – 2000 Series MyRide HDX 60″ 24.5 HP 708cc: $8199
  • 74495 – 2000 Series 48″ 23.5 HP 726cc (California Model): $6199
  • 74496 – 2000 Series 60″ 23.5 HP 726cc (California Model): $7199
  • 74497 – 2000 Series MyRide HDX 60″ 23.5 HP 726cc: $9499

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