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Kiss Annoying Chain Sharpenings Goodbye

If you could find better things to do with your day than spending a couple of hours sharpening your chainsaw chains, the Oregon PowerSharp System has the solution for you. The concept is simple: rather than taking your chain off the bar, you basically strap the PowerSharp sharpener to the front of your bar, fire up the saw for a few seconds, and voila! You have a fresh, sharp chain and some time to kill.

10-Second Summary

  • Oregon PowerSharp System sharpens chains in seconds
  • Starter Kit comes with two bundled units: sharpener and guide bar, and PowerSharp chain and sharpening stone
  • Stone goes into clam shell sharpener, sharpener clamps onto bar and chain, run chainsaw, press spring-loaded sharpener foot onto hard surface, which presses sharpening stone against moving chain
  • Unique bar and chain, specially designed for system
  • Bar and chain available from 12″-18″
  • Prices vary depending on size:


How Does The Oregon PowerSharp Work?

The premise is pretty simple: by clipping the PowerSharp sharpener over the tip of your bar and chain, and then firing up your chainsaw, you can manage to sharpen all of the teeth on your chainsaw within seconds. However, anyone who is familiar with the way most chainsaw chains are designed might scratch their heads at how this works out practically. After all, most manual sharpening endeavors revolve around a monotonous process that involves files and weird angles and a lot of your free time.


Not with this system though. The PowerSharp System employs a specially designed bar and chain that are unique to this whole system. The bar has a couple of alignment slots that you won’t find on a standard bar. And, the chain has some interesting deviations from the norm as well; the teeth on the PowerSharp chain are taller and angled a bit more aggressively.

Once you’ve replaced your old bar and chain with the PowerSharp bar and chain, the rest of the process is a breeze. When you’re ready to sharpen, just slip the alignment posts on the clamshell sharpener into the slots on the bar and clamp the sharpener closed. The U-shaped sharpening stone, which sits inside the clamshell sharpening unit, attaches to a spring mounted foot. When you fire up the saw and press the foot into a rock or tree, you engage the sharpening stone. Within seconds, your dull chain becomes sharp as it grinds against the stone at high speeds.


The Oregon PowerSharp System can work with a number of other saws from 12″ to 18″. Some of the compatible brands include Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Efco, Homelite, Husqvarna, John Deere, Jonsered, Makita, Olympyk (Oleo-Mac), Poulan/Poulan Pro, Power Pruner/Echo Power Pruner, Redmax, and Stihl.

For those wondering if the PowerSharp System will work with your cordless models, it helps to know that Oregon opts for a 0.050 gauge. Make sure that your chainsaw is specced to handle that thickness. The problem is that, because cordless saw manufacturers need to find a balance between power and runtime, chances are that they’ve opted for a thinner blade. As a result, you might be able to get the bar bolted on, but it’s likely that the drive sprocket won’t be able to handle the wider chain. Consult your owner’s manual before you do anything dumb.

The good news, however, is that Oregon makes a battery-powered chainsaw with the PowerSharp System built in (CS300 – ). Because the system exists internally, sharpening involves nothing more than pulling back on a lever to engage the sharpening stone against the chain.


Final Thoughts

The Oregon PowerSharp System looks like a pretty innovative product that could save literal hours from sharpening dull chains. That’s why, even though the PowerSharp replacement blades and sharpening stones cost about double what a new standard chain would, the benefits of something like this could very well outweigh the costs.

Oregon PowerSharp Specs

  • Sharpens Chains in 3-5 seconds
  • Pitch: 3/8″ low profile
  • Gauge: 0.050
  • Sequence: Standard
  • Saws: Up to 42cc
  • Fits: Up to 18″ bar
  • Compatible with certain models of the following brands: Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Efco, Homelite, Husqvarna, John Deere, Jonsered, Makita, Olympyk (Oleo-Mac), Poulan/Poulan Pro, Power Pruner/Echo Power Pruner, Redmax, Stihl
  • Prices vary depending on size:

For more information about the Oregon PowerSharp System, check out the company site here .

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Michael Huff

McCullough Saws had this decades ago. It was great for bucking on the landing where dirt and small rocks would get into the bark. You would go through a chin in a hurry but the chain was always sharp! I’m glad Oregon improved the system. I will be looking forward to replacing my bar and chain to use this product.