EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Review

Ego Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower

EGO Achieves Gas Backpack Blower Performance Levels

EGO battery-powered lawn equipment has been around for a decade, and it’s come a long way in the process. Not too many years ago, there were a lot of people on the fence (including our staff here at OPE) about whether cordless blowers could replace gas for Pros, but the EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower is proving that they can.


  • Strongest cordless blower we’ve tested
  • Dual-battery system offers excellent runtime
  • Comfortable harness design
  • Upgraded components for professional use
  • Serviceable mechanical components
  • Innovative digital controls
  • Easy-to-read battery level indicator


  • Might be a bit pricey for some people

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Performance

  • Brushless motor
  • 60cc gas engine equivalent
  • 800 CFM
  • 190 MPH
  • 26 Newtons
  • Up to 120 minutes (low), 30 minutes (high), or 25 minutes (turbo) of runtime with two 6.0Ah batteries
  • 65 dB(A) at 50 feet (ANSI standard)
  • Active electric cooling
  • Compatible with all EGO 56V batteries

Blowing Force

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Review

As you might recall, EGO’s original commercial line used a backpack battery, and the 56V residential models, an adapter. With this model, you don’t have that, and it’s fully compatible with all EGO 56V batteries.

This blower can run on one battery but, not surprisingly, it yields the best performance using two. If you really want to kick things into high gear, you can use two 12.0Ah batteries, but in the kit you get a pair of 6.0Ah.

This might end up on our best backpack blower list. It can deliver upwards of 800 CFM and 190 MPH–at least on paper. Combined, you’re looking at 26 Newtons of blowing force.

During our trials, we hit 27.9 Newtons, which exceeds EGO’s claims and, hands-down, makes this the most powerful cordless leaf blower we’ve tested to date! To put it another way, this is comparable to the performance of some Pro gas models.


Two EGO Batteries

Naturally, runtime depends on the blower’s batteries, and how much throttle you give it.

EGO’s numbers are based on the 6.0Ah batteries, but we didn’t have two of those available. So, we used a couple of 7.5Ah packs in their place.

Here’s what we got: On high, we ran the blower for 37 minutes and 11 seconds, then in turbo for 25 minutes and 20 seconds.

Noise Level

Noise level ratings are based on ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute) set for bystanders at 50 feet. EGO’s ratings are 65 decibels, and that’s pretty good. For our tests, the blower registered 81 decibels on high and 83 decibels on turbo.

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Design Notes

  • IPX5 ingress rating
  • Digital controls
  • Turbo lock
  • Comfortable harness design
  • Adjustable hand grip and tube
  • UV-resistant composite housing
  • Fully serviceable mechanicals
  • Dual grab handles


EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Controls

This EGO blower also has some notable design features. Let’s start with the digital controls.

With a slight pull of the trigger, your display screen lights up, showing you the battery level right away.

The model’s variable speed trigger moves you through four distinct levels. The button on the left locks the power level for extended work periods.

You control turbo using the center button, and from any power level, you can go up to full force by pressing and holding it for as long as you need.

The variable speed trigger on the EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower moves you through four distinct levels. If you’re working for an extended period of time, the button on the left locks the power level in. Just pull the trigger to the level you want, and press the button to set it.

You can still hit higher power levels with the trigger if you need them. Once you let go, it returns to the level you set.

The center button is turbo. If you’re using a locked power level, a single press locks in turbo mode and a second press returns you to the previous level.



EGO did a great job when it comes to comfort. The harness has padding in the right areas, and there’s plenty of adjustment between the straps, the controls, and the tube to comfortably work.


There’s one other thing that’s worth pointing out—EGO designed this backpack blower with fully serviceable mechanical components. This is important considering that difficult service is often an obstacle with electric equipment, which increases downtime.

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Price

EGO is offering this blower as both a bare tool and two kit configurations. The bare tool (EGO LBPX8000) is $399. The kits (EGO LBPX8004-02) come with two 6.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger for $699, and the EGO LBPX8006-02 with two 10.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger for $1299.

EGO backs the blower with a 5-year residential warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty (extended from 1 year when you register the tool).

The Bottom Line

The EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower is proof-positive that their design team is hard at work. The most powerful battery-powered blower we’ve tested thus far, it boasts quality design, innovative controls, and a durable build suitable for Pros.

This is a top-notch option for making the jump from gas to cordless.

Discover more EGO 56V products here !

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