EGO Telescopic Pole Saw PS1001

EGO Telescopic Pole Saw

EGO’s 10-Inch Telescopic Pole Saw Helps You Take Control Of Your Yard

EGO is no stranger to pole saws, having one featured in its Power-Head attachment system. The release of the EGO Telescopic Pole Saw, however, stands as the brand’s first dedicated pole saw. EGO included some updates and industry-first features with this standalone model. We’ll go over what’s new and how it could help you trim those out-of-reach areas of your yard.

EGO 10-inch Telescopic Pole Saw: The Big Deal

EGO tells us they included the industry’s first LED cut line indicator as part of this pole saw. This feature helps you get accurate cuts when you’re working in low-light conditions. It reminds us of the shadow cut line LEDs you’ll find on some of the best miter saws . We’re definitely curious to see this feature in action when we get this pole saw in our hands!

EGO also designed this pole saw using carbon fiber in the telescopic shaft. We’ve already seen this design feature in the Line IQ string trimmer. Using carbon fiber compared to other materials makes these tools lightweight and durable. In fact, according to EGO, this design reduces the PS1001 pole saw’s weight by up to 30%. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty on the carbon fiber shaft.

You can also adjust the shaft’s length by extending or retracting it when you need a custom reach. This should help keep the tool balanced in your hands by not requiring you to work around the long length when you don’t need it.

Including the 10-inch saw blade, and accounting for user height, the EGO PS1001 telescoping pole saw has a maximum reach of around 16 feet. While we won’t know for certain until closer to the official release, we assume the tool itself has a length of 12 feet, adding 4 feet to account for the user’s height.

As a kit, the EGO telescoping pole saw includes a 56V 2.5Ah ARC Lithium battery, which EGO says gives you up to 100 cuts per charge.

Additional Features

  • Tool-free tensioning

EGO PS1001 10″ Telescopic Pole Saw Price

EGO’s Power-Head pole saw retails for $249 as a kit, which includes a 2.5Ah battery. We expect this dedicated pole saw will sell for around the same amount. We’ll know more leading up to its 2023 release date.


  • Model: EGO PS1001
  • Max reach: 16 ft

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