TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump Hand Tool Reviews

TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump Review

We’ve got several reviewers who run crews and cut a lot of lawns. With zero turn mowers, and dozens of saws, trimmers, and blowers, you’re pumping a lot of gas at the beginning of each day—and several times throughout. When you run a landscaping business, a product like the TeraPump battery operated fuel pump can save your lot of hassle. We recommend putting one on your 5 gallon gas cans and even your larger 2-cycle mixed fuel gas containers. The TeraPump TRFA01 not only pumps your gas like a mini gas station pump, it keeps you from having to lift those heavy gas cans repeatedly and hold them while you fill your OPE tools.


TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump Features

First and foremost, the TeraPump battery operated fuel pump is an electric pumping solution that runs on four AA batteries. It attaches to just about any gas can, thanks to the built-in threaded base and three included adapters. We got it to fit to three different can types that were laying around our shop. The workings of the TeraPump fuel delivery system are rather simple. The Green (or Yellow) button starts the flow of fuel, and the Red button stops it. There is a small hole in the top of the intake tube where the gas can attaches to the TeraPump. This keeps the pump from continuing to siphon gas even after you turn it off.

TeraPump electric gasoline pump fit

The pump for the TeraPump is actually locate in the grey portion of the tube which gets inserted into the gas can. It’s powered by that small wire you see within the tub itself, and an impeller causes the fuel to flow through the tub from the gas can to the destination tank.

TeraPump fills zero turn mower

TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump Specs

  • TeraPump electric gasoline pump cutawayModel: TRFA01
  • Compatibility: Diesel, gasoline, kerosene
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Pump type: Fuel transfer w/impeller
  • Pump speed: 2.5 gpm
  • Controls: Start, stop (w/auto-stop)
  • Adapters: 2, 2.1, 2.5 in.
  • Size: 14 x 6 x 3.5 in.
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Price: $69.99


Using the TeraPump Battery Operated Fuel Pump

We ran the TeraPump battery operated fuel pump in several situations, pumping both 2-cycle fuel for our trimmers and regular gasoline for a Husqvarna RX54i Zero Turn mower. For each, we tried to follow the instructions as best we could by positioning the can and pump arm so that the siphoning end of the tube and the delivery end were at the same height.

TeraPump gasoline pump filling

The TeraPump self-primes and has an automatic shutoff system that worked pretty well (unless you didn’t follow the above rule and the hose dumped the remaining gas into the destination tank, overflowing it a bit). When you get done, there’s a handy place to store the delivery nozzle, which also prevents evaporation and contains the gasoline. You can leave the siphoning end of the TeraPump in the gas can, but you don’t want the delivery nozzle to stay in gas as it could cause premature failure of the automatic fuel shutoff sensor.

What’s interesting about the TeraPump is that, for professionals, you can also use it to pull extra fuel out of your tools when needed to store them at the end of the season. Just siphon it out of the tool tank by using the siphon.

TeraPump electric gasoline pumping

Notes & Observations

The fill hose on the TeraPump is about two feet long, so plan accordingly when filling anything that requires you to move or relocate a 5 gallon fuel can. You can use the TeraPump battery operated fuel pump on just about any size can, but because of the length of the siphon end of the system, it’s really designed to fit a 5 gallon gas can perfectly. We actually would love for TeraPump to make some versions that could be used with even larger sized tanks. The largest battery-operated system they have, the TRHD05 2D, includes a siphon that’s just 15″ long.

Buy it from Amazon.com or visit the TeraPump website for more info.

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