September 19, 2021

Hart 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Hart Pole Hedge Trimmer Tackles Tall Hedges Conveniently and Safely

Anyone who has ever tried to trim the hedges from the top of a ladder knows that’s a potentially unsafe and generally bad idea. Why not set yourself up with the right tools for the job? The Hart 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer (HGPH011VNM) has more than enough of an extension to get the dual-sided trimming blades up to the top of your hedges without putting you in harm’s way.

High and Tight

The Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer has all the tools you need to keep your hedges—even the tall ones—under control.

Hart HGPH011VNM pole hedge trimmer

Assembling the Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer out of the box is pretty simple. All of the pieces plug into each other, and a collar screws down over the connections to keep them tight and secure. When fully assembled, the pole hedge trimmer gives you 8 feet to work with.

Hart includes a shoulder strap to help keep some of the weight of the tool off your arms. This can be particularly helpful for longer trimming sessions; while the tool only weighs 8.3 lbs., most of that weight is at the end of an 8 ft. pole, and it can get fatiguing. That seems the case with any pole saw.

The pivoting head has 4 positive stops to help you get your angles just right. Adjusting the angle of the cutting head feels pretty easy. Simply push the blue button on the side of the motor and place the cutting head to where you need it. It locks into place when you release the blue button.

Using the Hart Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer features 18″ dual-action blades that have a 5/8″ cut capacity. We typically like to see at least a 3/4″ cut capacity, but this is still likely enough to tackle the vast majority of overgrowth you’ll run into. The best application for this is regular maintenance of hedges to keep them looking great.

We used them on a larger property to trim deeper hedges as well as taller bushes over 5-feet tall. The extended reach provided by the 8-foot pole gave us better ergonomics and made the job much easier than using a conventional hedge trimmer. The 20V battery on the Hart HGPH011VNM trimmer did a great job powering through everything we had to trim around the yard. The dual-action blades helped us accomplish the work quickly and with hardly any hangups.

Side by Side

This isn’t the only 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer on the market, and it’s worth taking a look at some comparable models to see where it fits.

ModelHart HGPH011VNMCraftsman CMCPHT818D1Worx WG252
Motor20V Max Brushed20V Max Brushed20V Max Brushed
No Load Speed3,000 SPM1,340 SPM
Cut Capacity5/8″3/4″5/8″
Blade Length18″, Dual-sided18″, Dual-sided20″, Dual-sided
Pivoting Head Positions4 positions5 positions10 positions
ExtensionExtension pieceTelescoping extensionTelescoping extension
Battery included2.0 Ah2.0 Ah2.0 Ah
Weight8.35 lbs.7.9 lbs.7.6 lbs.
Kit Price$148$139$269

The Hart HGPH011VNM fits in well with other DIY-targeted 20V models on the market. In the end, the best case for it may be the extensive line of tools that work on the Hart 20V system. We would like to see a slightly larger cut capacity and a telescoping handle on the next version. While priced similarly to the Craftsman model, Hart clearly presents a much better value than Worx.

Hart HGPH011VNM Pricing

The Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer Kit Comes with the Pole Hedge Trimmer attachment, intermediate shaft, power head, blade cover, shoulder strap, 2.0Ah battery, fast charger, and 3-year warranty. It retails for $148.00 from Walmart, and you can either pick it up in-store or order it online.

For more information about Hart’s Pole Hedge Trimmer, or to check out any of the other tools in the Hart lineup, click here .

Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer Specs

  • Model: Hart HGPH011VNM
  • Blade Length: 18 in.
  • Cut Capacity: 5/8 in.
  • Strokes Per Minute: 3,000 SPM
  • Weight: 8.35 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Kit Price: $148

For more information about the Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer, or any of the other tools in the Hart 20V and 40V lineups, click here .

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