Hyundai Construction Equipment B-X Series Electric Forklift

Hyundai Electric Forklift

Hyundai Launches Next-Gen 2.5-Ton Electric Forklift Running on Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Hyundai Construction Equipment has identified the 2.5-ton electric forklift as the most widely used product in indoor workplaces. The company has worked to target eco-friendly solutions to the logistics market, with the B-X Series electric forklift the first offering that features the brand’s LFP batteries.

What Hyundai Has to Say About the B-X Series Electric Forklift

We have launched the B-X Series with eco-friendliness, work efficiency, and user-friendly features. We will take the lead in positive changes in the logistics market with differentiated product power and marketing strategies.

What’s the Big Deal?

How does Hyundai start with “positive changes” that result in eco-friendliness, efficiency, and improved feature sets? For the B-X Series Electric Forklift, Hyundai starts with a lithium iron phosphate battery. According to Hyundai, LFP batteries require shorter charging times and generate higher output power than lead acid batteries. While lead acid batteries have been the conventional choice for the electric forklift, the company believes that the LFP batteries provides a more cost effective solution for the logistics industry, known for its long operating hours and high volume.

Hyundai Electric Forklift

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have found recent use in vehicles, backup power, solar power applications, and more. Because of LFP’s low cost, low toxicity, performance, and long-term stability, it makes a viable alternative to lead acid.

In another more convenient departure from the norm, the Hyundai electric forklift allows battery withdrawal from the side. While conventional electric forklifts require cranes to remove a battery, the B-X Series’ side battery port makes removal safer and easier while using pallet jacks or forklifts.

Hyundai has also sought to ramp up driver convenience and comfort. The Hyundai B-X Series forklift features an improved seat design. Air conditioning and heating functions keep operators comfortable during long term operations.

To learn more about Hyundai Construction Equipment, including information about the B-X Series Electric Forklift, click here .

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