Kubota BX23S Sub-Compact Tractor

kubota bx23s

Kubota Shoots for Efficiency and Utility with its BX80 Series

For OPE lovers, there’s no such thing as having “too much gear.” On the other hand, there is such a thing as “not enough space,” especially for heavy equipment. So, for those members of the commercial and agricultural community who want to store less, yet do more, the Kubota BX23S Sub-Compact Tractor might be the ideal solution.

Kubota BX Series Background

BX23S sub-compact tractor

When it comes to building engine-driven agricultural equipment, Kubota has been there and done that. And it’s not surprising, considering they’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

However, their BX series doesn’t reach back nearly that far.

In 2000, Kubota introduced the line with the BX00, establishing the sub-compact diesel tractor market in North America. The goal was to design a product that even first-time users could easily operate for landscaping and general property maintenance.

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, the line is on its seventh iteration with the BX80 Series, which brings us to the Kubota BX23S.

Kubota BX23S Performance

Kubota BX80 Series

In terms of performance, the Kubota BX23S runs on the D902, a 21.6 HP, 4-cycle diesel engine. This setup provides a top speed of 8.4 MPH and a towing capacity of 1,765 lbs.

Judging by the feature specs, Kubota is big on functional ease and convenience. For example, this model has fuel injection, power steering, cruise control, and four-wheel drive.

  • Model: Kubota BX23S
  • Engine: D902
  • 4-cycle diesel
  • 6.6-gallon tank
  • 21.6 HP
  • Max Speed: 8.4 MPH
  • Base Weight: 1,455 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 1,765 lbs
BX80 attachments

But perhaps most important is the array of attachments. Indeed, that’s what gives the BX23S its jack-of-all-trades potential.

To say that this tractor is versatile is an understatement. In fact, it would probably take less time to write about what it can’t do. Nonetheless, a list of the available attachments should give you a sense of the Kubota BX23S’s wide-ranging capabilities.


  • Mid-mount mower
  • Grooming mower
  • Rotary cutter
  • Pallet fork
  • Grapple
  • Rotary tiller
  • Grading scraper
  • Post hole digger
  • 4-in-1 bucket
  • Disc harrow
  • Rear blade
  • Box scraper
  • Trip blade
  • Snowblower
  • Snow blade
  • And there’s probably more to come

Kubota BX23S Features and Design

bx23s control panel

Like its assortment of attachments, the Kubtoa BX23S has more features than we can cover here, but again, the highlights are helpful.

Particularly noteworthy is the instrument panel, which Kubota redesigned for the BX80 Series.

  • Power steering
  • Fuel injection
  • 4 WD
  • Cup holder
  • 12V outlet
  • Storage compartment
  • Redesigned control panel

The central objective was to enable the operator to gather the tractor’s vital information at a glance–basically what you have in your car. That includes the major functions and running condition indicators such as a tachometer (for monitoring the optimum RPM range for loader/backhoe operations), temperature and fuel gauges, turn signals, and battery indicators.

Then there are the creature comforts and conveniences: Handrail, cupholder, 12V outlet, storage compartment, and a flat floor design for increased legroom.

Kubota Sub-Compact Tractor Price

So, if you’re thinking about investing in a sub-compact tractor, the Kubota BX23S might be worth considering. The price starts at $25,266 and climbs according to the options you choose. Visit Kubota online to find a dealer.

And since you’re already here, check out Kubota’s flagship ZD and F Series mowers.

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