Kubota KX030-4 Compact Excavator

Kubota Rounds Off Its KX Series Lineup With Its Newest Compact Excavator

Kubota Tractor Corporation announced a new addition to the KX series excavators at World of Concrete 2023. The Kubota KX030-4 Compact Excavator features some performance and design upgrades intended to improve upon the brand’s current compact excavator offerings. So, what can we expect this new model to bring to the jobsite?

Kubota KX030-4 Compact Excavator: The Big Deal

To start off, this model replaces the KX71-3S excavator in the 2- to 3-ton sector. It brings a larger cab and better diverter valve access, as well as a third-line hydraulic return to keep things running efficiently. The KX030-4 provides 24.7 horsepower, a digging depth of 9 feet, 7 inches, and a bucket breakout force of 6,924 pounds.

This model also adds an auto-downshift feature, which allows you to travel in 2nd speed and make turns without the need for manual downshifting, saving you time on the jobsite.

Here’s what Kubota has to say about the new model:

“The new KX030-4 delivers increased breakout and lifting force while decreasing the overall weight of the machine, making for easier trailering and transport between jobsites.

“With more than 500 pounds of additional bucket breakout force than the KX71-3S and nearly 300 pounds more lifting force, the KX030-4 will be a great asset to the rental, landscape, and general construction and utility markets.”

Bill Holton, Kubota Product Manager, Construction Equipment

Kubota KX030-4 Compact Excavator Design Features

Kubota tells us the KX030-4 features a more spacious interior with a larger entrance and more foot space than the KX71-3S. There’s also a large, easy-to-read digital operator panel that lets you monitor working conditions, engine RPM, temperature, and oil levels.

Additional Information

  • Front window opens with the flip of a latch
  • Deluxe suspension operator’s seat
  • Cup holder
  • Available in both canopy and cab models

Kubota KX030-4 Compact Excavator Price

There are no solid price points as of the time of writing, as this product was just unveiled this week at World of Concrete. We’ll be sure to update this article as more information becomes available closer to its March 2023 release.

You can find out more information on Kubota’s website .

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