DeWalt 12-Amp Handheld Blower DWBL700

DeWalt 12-Amp Handheld Blower DWBL700

No tool makes such quick work of a big mess like a blower. DeWalt has introduced the DWBL700 – a new professional-grade corded blower – to its lineup of outdoor power equipment . The DeWalt 12-Amp handheld blower is built for jobsite conditions and eliminates the hassles that come with gas-powered equipment. No mixing, no cans, no combustibles – and weight savings because of it.

On jobsites across the country, construction pros have traditionally avoided gas by using consumer-grade corded blowers for roofing, cleanup, preparing surfaces, cleaning out concrete forms and holes, clearing sidewalks and parking lots, equipment cleanup, landscaping, drying, and more.

The new DeWalt 12-Amp handheld blower will be available in September 2016 with an MSRP of $99.

DeWalt 12-Amp Handheld Blower Key Features

  • Performance – 409 CFM & 145 MPH
  • Durability – 3X the motor life (vs Toro 51619), impact-resistant Xenoy housing, and pro warranty
  • Speed Control – variable speed trigger and speed lock
  • Attachments – flat concentrator for stubborn debris (increases air speed to 189 MPH) and 1” round concentrator for blowing out holes and crevices in masonry (increases air speed to 210 MPH)

The blower comes standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Our Take

There’s clearly still a market for corded blowers despite DeWalt’s commitment to their 40V Max Handheld and Backpack Blowers. That’s going to be the segment that wants to avoid the mess, noise, and maintenance of gas blowers and the premium price tags that accompany lithium-ion models.

The design is reminiscent of the 40V Max model, minus the rotation-reducing bend in the tube. Performance is on par with the better battery powered blowers on the market today – at least on paper – with one notable exception.

With so many DeWalt 20V Max tools on the market, I’d be surprised to find that dragging a cord around would be preferred to the cordless blower already in the system. That said, the bigger the space, the faster you can be done with more power on your side!

DeWalt 12-Amp Handheld Blower Specifications

  • Model: DeWalt DWBL700
  • Power Source: 120V AC
  • Motor: 12-amp
  • Max Air Speed: 145 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 409 CFM
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Decibel Rating: 69 dB
  • Availability: September 2016
  • Price: $99 MSRP

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tony jiang

Tube should have curve shape similar to 40V Max model, tube outlet is in line with handle.

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