May 15, 2021

Mower Accessories

Makita XML05 36V 17-inch Lawnmower

Makita Launches Powerful Push Mower Makita has taken their mower game up a notch recently with Pro-focused 36V lawnmowers that feature rock-solid build quality and plenty of power. The XML05 Makita 17-inch Lawn Mower carries on that focus with a compact model designed for detail landscaping. Detail Work As you’d expect, the 36V Makita XML05 […]

Makita 36V X2 Battery Lawn Mowers

Makita 36V Battery Lawn Mower Line Aims at Pro OPE Market Makita now has 7 different battery-powered lawn mowers models in its 36V commercial OPE lineup. The Makita XML02, XML03, XML05, XML06, XML07, XML08, and XML09 offer various features and capabilities fr both Pro and consumer use. Makita makes two composite deck models and five […]

Mean Green ORV-Blast! Debris Blower

Mean Green Acquires Patents For Vehicle Mounted Blower After a lengthy process involving proof of invention, documentation, and studies on commercial viability, Mean Green Mowers has finally acquired the patents for its ORV-Blast! mounted battery-powered debris blower. And, this year, they showed it off at the GIE+Expo in Louisville, KY. Mowing and Blowing with ORV-Blast! […]

Michelin Expands The X Tweel Lineup

Michelin Showcases New Turf Products at GIE Michelin added to their lineup of Tweel airless radial tires recently, and showed off the new additions at this past GIE+Expo. THree new Turf products are hitting the prosumer and commercial zero-turn radius mower line. These new Turf products include a new 15″ ZTR caster design for larger […]

Exmark Tractus Tires

Exmark Does Away with Flat Tires A few weeks back, we covered the announcement of eXmark’s 96″ Lazer Z X-Series mower. Well, if you thought that was exciting, we’ve got more good news for you. At GIE this year, eXmark announced a new tire to go with that mower as an optional upgrade. The airless […]

Stryder Ratchet Straps

Stryder Ratchet Straps Video

We always find it helpful to have a few ratchet straps available in the truck or trailer. They’re handy, and depending on what your work demands, they can be an integral part of your workday. However, one of the more common complaints that come with ratchet straps revolves around the tangly mess and general disorganization […]

Greenworks Dual 82V Rapid Charger

Efficiency is one of the big selling points for battery-powered lawn tools. But, there’s nothing efficient about running out of battery power and having to wait around for hours while your batteries recharge. Greenworks, who has aimed for the battery-powered landscaping, turf management, and golf maintenance niche, has a time-saving, efficient solution. The Greenworks Dual […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
LaserEdge Mower Blades FI2

VooDoo? – LaserEdge Mower Blades Review – Cuts Itself Sharp

The average yard in Florida gets cut about 40 times per year. Depending upon weather effects, like El Nino, this can vary by a couple cuts. Regardless, pretty much between April and October lawns in Central Florida are visited weekly. Add this cutting volume with our sandy soil and you’re sharpening blades, a lot! Well, […]