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Makita 36V X2 Battery Lawn Mowers

Makita 36V Battery Lawn Mower Line Aims at Pro OPE Market

Makita now has 7 different battery-powered lawn mowers models in its 36V commercial OPE lineup. The Makita XML02, XML03, XML05, XML06, XML07, XML08, and XML09 offer various features and capabilities fr both Pro and consumer use. Makita makes two composite deck models and five 36V X2 cordless mowers with solid steel deck construction. They also feature up to a 4-bay battery system for optimized run-time. You can also choose between push and self-propelled options. Overall, Makita seems to offer a wealth of features that aim to make these mowers viable choices—even in commercial mowing applications.

10-Second Summary

  • Models: Makita XML02, XML03, XML05, XML06, XML07, XML08, and XML09
  • New models include 120mm 36V brushless motor
  • XML06, XML08, and XML09 models feature self-propelled function; 1.5 mph-3 mph
  • IPX4 weather resistance
  • Steel deck construction
  • 4-bay battery system for extended runtime
  • Grass Level Indicator provides real-time status of grass level inside collection bag
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty on tool, batteries, and charger


Key Makita Battery Lawn Mower Features

With one exception, Makita 36V battery lawn mowers include either an 18-in or 21-inch cutting deck. They provide mulching and bagging—and the XML06, XML07, and XML08 add a side discharge option.

The Makita 36V battery-powered mower lineup features the brand’s most powerful motors to date. The newest models feature a 120mm 36V brushless motor that generates up to 2,800 RPM on the 21″ models (XML07 and XML08) and up to 3,300 RPM on the 18″ model (XML06).

Makita also offers a “Quiet Mode” on the XML06/07/08 models that drops the overall decibel level while still maintaining around 2,500 RPM. If you thought battery-powered mowers made less noise, this mode dials it down even further for municipalities or early-morning starts.

Makita 36V Battery Lawn Mowers Runtime

Runtime on the new Makita 36V battery-powered lawn mowers has been doubled on the newer models. The 4-bay battery system uses a selector switch to switch between the first two batteries and the next.

When you think about 18V battery packs, runtime may seem like a major concern. Makita has their efficiency dialed in so well on these mowers, however, that they get up to 2/5-acre from the XML06 lawnmower when using four 5Ah battery packs.

So what if you need more? How about a half acre?

Remember—we’re talking about Makita 18V batteries. For commercial users who already use Makita 18V tools, you probably have some spares. Still, the key metric has to do with the runtime from four packs installed in the mower. The Makita XML07 push mower and XML08 self-propelled models can mow up to a 1/2 acre on a single charge.

Makita Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

For Makita’s three self-propelled models, the XML06, XML08, and XML09, you can set your walking speed anywhere between 1.5 mph – 3 mph via the variable speed lever. We found them to produce a nice, brisk pace at the maximum setting.

Makita 36V battery-powered lawn mowers XML08

We found the almost undiminished runtime even more impressive, however. Adding a brushless self-propelled motor into the mix didn’t tend to drag down run-time. We saw this when comparing the XML06 with the XML07.

Makita X2 Lawnmowers Build Quality

The new Makita 36V mowers featuring steel deck construction also carry a weather-resistant IPX4 rating. Your cut height can be adjusted via a single-point adjustment lever, letting you set the deck at ten different points ranging mostly between 1-1/4 and 4-inches. Older Makita mowers have adjustment between 13/16 and 3-inches.

We found the deck height adjustment easy to use and sturdy. While some Pros prefer an adjustment point on each wheel, we didn’t feel the single-handle mechanism destabilized the deck. Once locked in place, the height adjustment felt secure.

Bagging, Mulching, and Side Discharge

Finally, when it comes to bagging your clippings, the most recent cordless mowers feature Makita’s new Grass Level Indicator. This feature notifies you—in real-time—how full your bag actually is without you having to resort to the “kick test.”

Instead, as the bag fills, a tab pops up to notify you when it’s time to empty the bag. On the smaller deck sizes, the bag carries up to 1.7 bushels while the two larger models can handle up to 2 bushels.



Makita has all seven models available as bare tools for those who already have a collection of Makita 18V batteries. For those who haven’t become fully invested in the 18V battery line, these mowers can also come packaged with either two or four 5.0Ah batteries and a charger. Each mower comes with Makita’s 3-year warranty, which covers the mower, the batteries, and the charger. The pricing structure looks like this:

Makita ModelMotorBare ToolKit
XML02 17″Brushed$349 $459
XML03 18″Brushless$469 $599
XML05 17″Brushed$369 $489
XML06 18″Brushless$669 $799
XML07 21″Brushless$569 $699
XML08 21″Brushless$719 $849
XML09 21″Brushless$869 $999

Makita 36V Mowers Compared

BatteryX2 LXT (36V)X2 LXT (36V)X2 LXT (36V)
Self PropelledNoNoYes
Cutting Width18 in.17 in.18 in.
Deck Width19 in.18 in.19 in.
Deck MaterialSteelCompositeSteel
CapabilitiesMulching, BaggingMulching, BaggingMulching, Bagging, Side Discharge
Height Adjustment10 heights
(13/16″ ~ 3″)
10 heights
(13/16″ ~ 3″)
10 heights
(1-1/4″ ~ 4″)
Bag Capacity1.7 bushels1.4 bushels1.7 bushels
Kit Price$599 $489 $799
BatteryX2 LXT (36V)X2 LXT (36V)X2 LXT (36V)
Self PropelledNoYesYes
Cutting Width21 in.21 in.21 in.
Deck Width22 in.22 in.22 in.
Deck MaterialSteelSteelSteel
CapabilitiesMulching, Bagging, Side DischargeMulching, Bagging, Side DischargeMulching, Bagging
Height Adjustment10 heights
(1-1/4″ ~ 4″)
10 heights
(1-1/4″ ~ 4″)
10 heights
(1-1/4″ ~ 4″)
Bag Capacity2 bushels2 bushels2 bushels
Price$699 $849 $999
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