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Mean Green ORV-Blast! Debris Blower

Mean Green Acquires Patents For Vehicle Mounted Blower

After a lengthy process involving proof of invention, documentation, and studies on commercial viability, Mean Green Mowers has finally acquired the patents for its ORV-Blast! mounted battery-powered debris blower. And, this year, they showed it off at the GIE+Expo in Louisville, KY.

10-Second Summary

  • Attaches to any vehicle, including Mean Green’s CXR mower
  • Uses vehicle’s battery pack
  • 2 speed: 120/155 MPH
  • Foot-operated or remote control of swivel air tube
  • Quiet at 60 dB(A)
  • Zero-emission
  • Fossil-fuel-free
  • Aluminum construction


Mowing and Blowing with ORV-Blast!

If the thought of firing up that gas-powered blower is more than you can bear, the ORV-Blast! presents a solution that will spare you the fatigue and the headache. This ORV-Blast! attaches to the front of your mower and runs off the mower’s battery supply.


This means no more pull-starting your gas-powered blower, and no more having lug the thing around the yard trying to clean up the post-mow mess. It also means no more breathing in those obnoxious gas fumes or letting a gas engine wreak havoc on your sensitive eardrums. It operates at 60 dB(A). Compared to your standard gas-powered blower that runs around 100 dB(A), this thing is just about whisper-quiet.

You control the entirety of the blowing operation either with a remote control or with foot-operated controls. You can turn the ORV-Blast! on and off, select the speed setting, and change the direction of the swivel tube from the comfort of your seat.

The Mean Green ORV Blast! has two speeds: 120 mph and 155 mph, reaching up to 510 CFM airflow. Since it runs off of your mower’s battery power, run time is not an issue. It can run as long as your mower does, basically. Plus, because Mean Green constructed the ORV-Blast! from aluminum, you can be assured of its relative durability.



The Mean Green ORV-Blast! starts at $1949. This won’t include delivery or setup, but you can figure out your final pricing by getting in touch with Mean Green and requesting a detailed estimate by visiting the site and clicking the “Get a Quote” tab. You can also locate your closest Mean Green dealership by visiting the website.

For more information about Mean Green and the ORV-Blast!, click here.

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